Coronavirus – Help for villagers

Following on from the advice issued by the Government to try to control the spread of the virus and in particular for those in the high risk categories of the elderly, those who have underlying health conditions and those women who are pregnant, we wish to provide assistance to those who are either self-isolating or who must reduce their exposure public spaces.

Therefore in conjunction with Woods of Hollingbourne and support from Hollingbourne WI, Hollingbourne Parish Council are planning on coordinating support for delivery of food, collection of prescriptions, etc for those vulnerable residents.

Woods of Hollingbourne stock a wide range of food and fresh fruit and vegetables and they will also order meat, upon request, from SW Doughty of Doddington in addition to that normally stocked. Items that are not stocked then we will endeavour to obtain from elsewhere.

Also do not forget the Post Office is in attendance every Wednesday between 10.00am  and 1.00pm.


There are already residents who have volunteered their services but more may be needed.

Contact numbers:

Parish Clerk – 07856 180003 or 880526

Woods of Hollingbourne – 880338

Hollingbourne WI – Barbara Gibbs 880652 & Sue Roberts 07867 691393


Therefore , please assure that we are all here together to help and support our residents and please let the parish council know who requires assistance. This can be done direct with the Clerk, or through Julie Woods or the WI. Please do not let anyone suffer or worry in silence.