Councillor to replace the late Alan Bennett to be co-opted by Hollingbourne Parish Council.

Following the death of Parish Councillor Alan Bennett in October, Hollingbourne Parish Council formally advertised the vacancy and only received one expression of interest. Maidstone Borough Council has advised that as the time limit has now expired that an election is not required and that the Parish Council can co-opt a new member which is likely to be done at the next Parish Council Meeting on Monday 14th January at 7.30pm in the Cardwell Pavilion.

On the assumption that the one person who has already expressed interest is still interested, then they, plus anybody else who wishes to be co-opted will be asked to make a short speech introducing themselves at the Meeting after which the co-option will take place. Anybody who is interested in becoming a Parish Councillor should contact Adam Ward, Chairman, or Vicki Smith, Parish Clerk. Their contact details are on the home page of this website.

The Parish Council is currently non-political with all members being independents.

Parish Council meetings are generally held on the second Monday of each month except August and last for up to two hours. There are also a small number of Sub-Committees including Planning, Finance, the Environment, and Parks including the Cardwell Pavilion. The Parish Council also supports the Annual Village Fete and Exemption Dog Show and other local activities.

The successful candidate will be asked to complete the attached form which details the residential and other qualifications for a Parish Councillor. Please see  Parish-council-co-option-form.doc (41 downloads)

Please see (top) the formal notice from Maidstone Borough Council authorising Hollingbourne Parish Council to co-opt a new member and (bottom) the late Alan Bennett at the Hollingbourne Fete in 2011.

Hollingbourne Parish Council co-option authorisation from MBC – December 2018.
Alan Bennett as a judge at the Hollingbourne Summer Fete in June 2011.