COVID19 Maidstone Parish update

A couple of things that might be helpful

Maidstone Council Website

The website is being updated daily, some areas that might be of interest :-

Impact of COVID19 on Council Services

Wellbeing – covers mental health and physical health, with lots of exercises that you can do and apps and links that help you with both.

Sign Language – a useful link for anyone that would benefit with COVID19 being translated into sign

Stay Home FAQ’s

An information sheet that might help to answer questions is available to download 20.04.16-STAY-HOME-FAQs-INFO-sheet.pdf (58 downloads)

Government Boxes

We have received feedback from some residents about the government food box, if residents do not want to continue receiving this, they will need to refuse the box at delivery and go back through the government online form process to say they no longer need essentials.

Supermarket Update

Morrison’s Supermarket


This service is for ordering essential items on the list attached (you can request multiple of each if required).

The contact number is 0345 6116111 option 5 then just hold for an operator.

Orders placed from Monday to Thursday are delivered the next day (there are no specific time slots with this service to reduce overhead – it is assumed customers would be at home). Orders made on Friday or at the weekend will be delivered on Monday.

This is not the general home delivery number for Morrisons but a service specific to the elderly and the vulnerable. There is no need to print the attached list or to use a computer as the operator will walk through the options (payment is made by contactless payment at the door at time of delivery).

Note: Anyone in need of help but without the 12-week shielded isolation letter, can still call as Morrisons are aware that the letters have not reached everyone who is in need of help

ALDI Supermarket

 From 17/04 Aldi have started a service where the vulnerable and elderly are able to order a £25 food parcel. The parcel will weigh 14kg.

The food parcel includes:

  • Teas, Coffee and Snacks
  • Personal Care products such as anti-bacterial soap and toilet roll
  • Cupboard Essentials such as Soups, Pastas, Rice and Sauces

Home Delivery is FREE. There is currently not a parcel suitable for vegetarians but there is a possibility that this will be produced in the future.


Advice being given by trading standards who have seen an increase in scams around COVID19

Sharing examples of volunteer work in your area

Bredhurst Parish Council are working with the local pub to deliver food boxes to vulnerable households.

East Farleigh Parish Council are working with a local Community Help Group and are supporting residents by helping with shopping, delivery/collection of prescriptions, dog walking and other support by phone.

West Farleigh have set up a village Facebook page. Volunteers are helping with shopping, prescriptions and dog walking.  The local pub is cooking and delivering meals in the village.

These are just a few of the examples of the work being done across the borough.  Please keep me updated so I can share all the excellent work that everyone is doing.

Thank you

Thank you to all of you that are still working so tirelessly in supporting the most vulnerable in your areas, it is truly heart warming to see so much community spirit during these uncertain times.

Stay safe and well