Current planning applications for July 2020

A feature of the Hollingbourne village website is a monthly list of local planning applications being considered by Hollingbourne Parish Council. The list is supplied by Maidstone Borough Council who make the planning decisions. Hollingbourne Parish Council only advises on planning matters and can be overruled by Maidstone.

All the new planning applications will be discussed at Monday’s Council Meeting:  7.30pm, via video link due to Covid-19, including the proposed extensions to the Historic Mill House in the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Upper Street Conservation Area.

The Maidstone Borough Council Planning portal is at

Individual Planning Applications may be viewed on line by entering the reference number (19/503??? etc) at the Maidstone Planning Portal at

The current planning applications being considered by Hollingbourne Parish Council can be found on the download below.

For information about July 2020 please download details July-2020-Planning-applications.xlsx (66 downloads)