D Day Dakotas just visible from Hollingbourne and other June 2019 news in brief – UPDATED through the month.

Only two of the 34 D Day Dakotas that were flown from RAF Duxford to Normandy on 5th June as part of the celebrations to mark the 75th anniversary of D Day on 6rh June were visible from Hollingbourne due to the low cloud and the fact that the actual flight course was over Maidstone. In the event the planes passed the village at 4.55pm and which was over two hours after the scheduled time of 2.37pm.

Pictured below are the planes pictured on the rooftops of the Eyhorne Street Conservation Area.

Two Dakota DC3 (or just possibly one!) aircraft flying over Maidstone on 5th June 2019.


A member of Hollingbourne Parish Council attended a meeting with Borough Councillors in the Maidstone Town Hall on 3rd June as part of a consultation process relating to the provision of affordable housing in the Borough.  The meeting, which was organised by the Maidstone Planning Department, was told that there is a chronic shortage of affordable and social housing in the Maidstone Area and that no social housing has been built in the county town for at least five years. “Affordable housing” appears to be defined as properties available for rent or sale at 70% of the market value while “social housing” is available for rent at 50% of the market value. On the assumption that the Maidstone market rent for a 3 bedroomed dwelling is around £1100pcm , an “affordable rent” is just under £800 pcm and a “social” rent is slightly more than £500pcm. 

The meeting was told that the provision for “affordable housing” principally relies on developers including “affordable houses” in their developments or by making Section 106 payments for houses elsewhere. In the case of Hollingbourne all of the Section 106 payments for “affordable housing” and school places arising from the Godfrey Meadow, Brickfields Place, and proposed Windmill Lane developments have been directed out of the Parish. Hollingbourne Parish Council has tried over a period to promote “affordable housing” in the village without success. House prices for a 2 bedroomed house in the Godfrey Meadow development started at £535,000 and Fernham Homes are yet to publish their prices for Brickfields Close but the prices advertised for their other developments suggest that the prices will not be dissimilar to those in Godfrey Meadow.

The meeting was also advised that “affordable housing” and “social housing” is built to higher space standards than properties built for the free market. There was some discussion as to whether the higher standards should apply to all developments in the Maidstone area.  Some concern was expressed about the fact that Central Government had imposed thousands of new homes on Kent without the necessary investment in infrastructure and that the local economy could not  supply sufficient jobs for all of the new residents. There was also a suggestion that the way to provide affordable homes is to promote housing cooperatives.

It is understood that the consultation process will continue as part of the development of the local plan for the next decade.


A Garage Sale is being held on Saturday 15th June from 9am to 1pm at Foxgrove House, Windmill Lane, in the Eyhorne Street Conservation Area as the Cobbetts after 35 happy and memorable years in Hollingbourne are downsizing with a move to Tenterden. This will create a vacancy for the Editor of this website and a Parish Councillor. More details are available from the Parish Clerk at pchollingbourne@gmail.com There will also be a vacancy for a deliverer of the Parish Magazines in part of Eyhorne Street. For more details please Tel. 880543 or go to https://www.hollingbournepc.kentparishes.gov.uk/event/foxgrove-house-garage-sale/?instance_id=1981


A new BBC TV series of the Repair Shop starts on 11th June featuring Dominic Chinea from Hollingbourne. For more details please go to https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0005x2r and http://dominicchinea.com/ . The programme is filmed at the Weald and Downland Open Air Museum near Chichester. More information is at https://www.wealddown.co.uk/.


Rock, Paper, Scissors and Barbers celebrates the first anniversary of the Eyhorne Street Barber’s Shop this month. Previously the shop had been a unisex hairdressers and over the last few decades had traded as Hair Team, Boniface, and Stone Hair. Many of the former hairdressers at Boniface and Stone now work from the Georgian House salon in Chart Sutton.


PCSO Daniel Genn has sent a Policing Report for May for consideration at the June Hollingbourne Parish Council Meeting on 10th June at 7.30pm in the Cardwell Pavilion. He will not be present but it is reproduced below for information purposes and because it mentions the Speedwatch initiative which is an ongoing concern of residents as there is frequent speeding through Hollingbourne on the B2149/C603.

Hollingbourne May 2019
Information provided by: PCSO Genn, Maidstone Policing Team

Crimes of note:
• 03/05/2019 – Theft of plant machinery.
• 11/05/2019 – Criminal damage to fence.

Anti-social behaviour and other incidents of note:
• N/A – The lack of this is a point to be proud of as a village.

Items of good work:
• Speedwatch/speed ‘gunning’ carried out. Further assessment of new area to deploy carried out.

Updates of previous reported issues¬:
• Patrols on the corner of Upper Street near the manor. No vehicles required moving on officer assessment.
• Patrol of byway encountering no issues.

PCSO Genn can be contacted at Daniel.Genn@kent.pnn.police.uk


Former Hollingbourne resident Alan Davison died after a long battle with cancer on 8th June at this home in France. He had worked as a builder in France for many years and leaves a widow Jo. He is the eldest son of long Eyhorne residents Derek and Jeanne Davison who will be attending his funeral in France on 17th June.

This is the second tragedy to affect the well known Davison family in the last month as Dianne Davison (nee Manktelow) from Hollingbourne died on 23rd May in Canterbury. Her funeral will be at 2pm on 24th June at Vinters Park Crematorium in Maidstone.


The Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) is looking for volunteers (Independent Custody Visitors – ICVs) across Kent to visit Custody suites to check on the welfare and conditions of those held in police cells and report back to the PCC. This can be as often as once a month. In addition, ICVs attend training sessions, between two and four panel meetings a year, and an Annual General Meeting. The time commitment required is around three to five hours a month and all ICVs are asked to carry out at least one night-time visit a year (between 10pm and 6am).

The PCC’s recruitment drive closes on 1st July.

More information about ICVs, and the application form, can be found here:



Hollingbourne Brownies opens in September. Sarah Ward writes : I have a new volunteering team supporting my 22 years guiding experience running a brand new Brownie Programme. Be quick to join us in this adventure, it is going to be fun and we are 50% full already. Suitable for all 7-10 year old girls only.

Volunteering enables more young people to join Brownies and have fun, make friends and join in on the adventure, as well as having fun ourselves.

Register on this link below. Don’t delay. We are 50% full already. Wednesdays evenings in the Cardwell Pavilion from 6 to 7.15pm.



The construction of the bridge over the stream on Hollingbourne Meadows Trust land by the Gurkhas has been delayed due to the wet weather. No date for the completion of the works is currently available and some work may have to be done by volunteers from the Hollingbourne Meadows Trust.



The pupils of  Hollingbourne County Primary School are performing the Peace Child on 16th July at 2pm and tickets are on sale now. Please see below for more information.

Hollingbourne School Play 2019.


After 18 months of delays the new crossing involving the footbridge at Hollingbourne Station is now open. It replaces a foot crossing on the line to the west of the station which still seems to be open. The rarely used route has been rebuilt at least once costing thousands of pounds although the station needs repainting. The lack of use may be partly due to reports that the Public Footpath from the railway line to the Pilgrim’s Way via Strickets Garden and Willow Beds has been ploughed.

A picture of the entrance appears below.

The new entrance to the footpath on the down platform in June 2019.



Over 100 residents and many family dogs attended the Mid Summer Picnic on 22nd June that was organised by the Women’s Institute and the Hollingbourne Meadows Trust. Entertainment was provided by Mixed Blessings and the site of the evening picnic was on Meadows Trust land near to the railway arch in Culpeper Close. Some stayed late around fire pits that had been erected close to the marquees provided by the Meadows Trust. The next open event to be organised by the Hollingbourne Women’s Institute is a Barn Dance in the Village Hall in September and details appear below. Some pictures are at https://www.hollingbournepc.kentparishes.gov.uk/pictures-of-the-hollingbourne-mid-summer-picnic-organised-by-the-wi-and-hollingbourne-meadows-trust/

The 2019 WI Barn Dance in Hollingbourne.


Fencing and a shed have been installed outside Hollingbourne Village Hall in preparation for the day time use of the Hall by the Harrietsham Pre School Group who hare vacating their premises at Harrietsham School at the end of July. Their website is https://www.harrietshampreschool.co.uk/ It is anticipated that traffic will increase in the single track Windmill Lane Public Footpath (KH199) which leads to the Hall during the morning rush hour and at the junction with Eyhorne Street which is narrow at this point due to vehicles being parked on the opposite side of the road and which cause traffic problems from time to time. The traffic may become worse when the Country House Homes development of 10 new houses starts alongside Windmill Lane.  An informal  traffic census on the 26th June revealed that 694 vehicles passed the Windmill Lane junction  in  the direction of the A20 alone in the hours between 7am and 9am or one every 24 seconds. The data has been passed to the Hollingbourne PCSO Daniel Genn as traffic is a continuing problem in Hollingbourne. The Hollingbourne Pre School Group continues at the Cardwell Pavilion. The website of the Village Hall is https://www.hollingbournevillagehall.org.uk/


Hollingbourne householders are due to receive a £61 rebate on their waste water charges over five years from April 2020. This follows an OFWAT investigation in to waste water disposal and more information is at https://www.southernwater.co.uk/ofwat-investigation The figure is based on 2017-8 prices and may increase in line with inflation.


With increased speculation about Brexit and the possibility of leaving the EU with no deal on 31sat October 2019, Hollingbourne residents may wish to revisit the page first published in March 2019 from which it is possible to download a number of information packs published by the Kent Resilience Forum. Please see https://hollingbournepc.kentparishes.gov.uk/new-brexit-emergency-planning-pack-from-the-kent-resilience-forum/ Over the last few months Hollingbourne has been the subject of much local and national media interest over Brexit because of the proximity of the village to Junction 8 of the M20 where Operation Brock will begin if the UK leaves the EU Customs Union or if there are major cross Channel traffic delays for other reasons. Operation Brock will see the coastbound side of the M20 as far as Ashford used for storing 2000 lorries awaiting Customs at Eurotunnel and Dover while the London bound side is used as a contraflow system. The Brexit barrier splitting the London bound side has been in place for some months and presently only the strengthened hard shoulder and nearside lane are used for traffic. There is a 50mph speed limit on the 13 mile section and if Operation Brock is actioned it will no longer be possible to access the M20 coastbound from Junction 8.