Launch weekend for Fernham Homes Brickfields Close housing development.

21st September 2019 – 22nd September 2019 all-day
Brickfields Close, Eyhorne Street,
Kenmt ME17 1TR

The revised date of the launch of the Fernham Homes development of 12 houses on to the east of Eyhorne Street. Previously the development was supposed to launch on 14th and 15th September. No prices are available but more information is at

Earlier this summer Hollingbourne Parish Council was advised of local concerns regarding the numbers of vehicles that had difficulty in passing each other in the vicinity of the entrance to Brickfields Close. A number of vehicles have been seen mounting the pavement on the opposite side of Eyhorne Street in order to avoid collisions. The road way was measured at 5.2 metres versus the standard for “B” roads which is believed to be 5.5 metres which is just enough to allow two lorries to pass each other. During the winter an unknown vehicle damaged the lamp post opposite the development site.

The matter was referred to KCC Highways and their Susan Laporte visited the site and concluded that the roadway had not changed in width but had merely appeared to have done so following the construction of a raised pavement at the entrance to Brickfields Close. This has resulted in vehicles coming down Eyhorne Street (B2163/C603) choosing to drive more in the middle of the road which has resulted in opposing vehicles having to use the pavement.

Drivers often speed along the section of Eyhorne Street between Tilefields and Station Lane past Brickfields Close and the Parish Council arranged for a solar powered speed sign to be erected opposite Godfrey House with some of the proceeds from a Village Fete with support from Kent County Council. Over the years there have been a number of minor accidents in this section of Eyhorne Street.

Pictured below is the entrance to the Brickfields Close development in August 2019.