Eyhorne Street reopens to through traffic despite signage to the contrary.

Eyhorne Street reopened to through traffic this afternoon despite the fact that the Road Closed signs have not all been removed. The B2149/C603 through Hollingbourne has been closed from 26th May in order that services under Eyhorne Street can be connected to the Fernham Homes housing development on the east side of the Street which is to be called Brickfields Close.

The road was due to be opened at 5pm today but in fact it was open just prior to this time although some of the road closure signage has been left in place. Although the closure has been well publicised local residents have seen countless drivers trying to drive through the village only to be turned back by the signs at the corner of Eyhorne Street at Hasteds. Some have even gone further and have had to turn in Claygate where one resident has complained that somebody drove a horse box across their lawn as they reversed. Residents of Tilefields have also had difficult experiences with vehicles turning in their road.

Some drivers have noted the remaining signs and have driven back out of the village in order to find an alternative route.

Hollingbourne does not remain free of road closures as Greenway Court Road is to be closed for the day on Monday 3rd June for emergency repairs.

Pictured below are the road closure signs despite the fact that the road has reopened. Presumably they will all be removed in time.

Eyhorne Street at 5pm on Friday 31st May 2019.