February 2012 Minutes,

 Minutes of the meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council

held on 13th February 2012 in the Cardwell Pavilion at 7.30pm


Present:  Mr M Bedwell (Chairman) Mr A Ward (Vice-Chairman), Dr S Bauer,

 Mr J Cobbett, Mr F Stephenson, Mrs S O’Connell, Mr D Ardley.

Also in attendance: Ms E Lawrence (Clerk) Mrs D Parvin, Borough Councillor,

PCSOs S De Burca and D Rowley.


1.                  Apologies for absence  Mr A Williams (conflict of commitments)

   Mrs J Whittle   (conflict of commitments)


2.                                          Declaration of Interests and amendments to Register of Interests 


3.                                          Approval of minutes of last meeting


Mr Cobbett proposed that the draft minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting and that they should be accepted, seconded by Mr Stephenson and agreed by all present.  The Chairman duly signed the minutes.


4.                                          Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)


The Clerk reported that as a result of the matter of litter discussed at the last meeting, a “deep clean” had been undertaken at the A20 entrance to the village by MBC and was looking greatly improved.  The Clerk acknowledged Mrs. Parvin’s support in this.  As for other areas which are regularly identified as litter “hotspots” the Clerk encouraged everyone to report them to MBC, by telephone or on-line.  When an area is repeatedly identified, that location is added as a regular (but not necessarily frequent) litter pick by MBC.


The article for the Parish magazine written by Mr Williams was not submitted by the Clerk in time for inclusion in this month’s magazine.


The meeting was adjourned for10 minutes to allow the public to speak.


5.                  Chairman’s Report   Mr Bedwell was pleased to note the signage at the A20 entrance to the village and the erection of the white gates.  He hoped more could be done in the future to ease the speeding and general traffic situation and wished to thank those councillors who had been involved and also Mrs Whittle for financing the improvements through her Member’s Fund.   Mr Stephenson had followed a large lorry which was intending to travel through the village, but on seeing the “unsuitable for HGVs sign” had carried on around the roundabout and returned the way it had come! He commended KHS for the positioning of the sign, which is obviously already making a difference.

The new format of the Parish Magazine has been well received and Mr Bedwell thanked Katrine Callander as the new Editor for her efforts. It was felt that the magazine could well increase in size and content.

            A resident has asked for permission to use the Lance Memorial Field for a charity football match, agreement proposed by Mr Bedwell, seconded by Mr Ward and agreed.

            A letter from MBC was received, asking for areas to be identified within the         Parish for development as sites for Gypsies and Travellers.  It was agreed that the        Clerk, who had also received the same letter, should respond stating that on this

occasion, the Parish Council is unable to help.  The Chairman asked Mrs Parvin to clarify matters as the letter stated that £1.3 million pounds has been put to this scheme, and was that amount of money to be made available to other groups who wished to settle in a home of their own? Mrs Parvin stated that the letter was as a result of a central government edict and that if insufficient land was identified it could lead to compulsory land purchases.


6.                  Crime Report    PCSO de Burca reported that there had been two reported crimes in Hollingbourne during the month of January.  Both involved damage to property which had been detected and the perpetrators dealt with by restorative justice.  Four crimes had been reported at the service station at Junction 8 of the M20 (i.e. within the Parish boundary) but were categorised separately. Throughout the whole of the North Downs ward during the same period, there had been 21 reported crimes.

PCSO Rowley informed the Council that many people were making efforts to protect their property by using the now-widely available “wildlife” cameras which run on battery power, are motion-sensored and virtually maintenance free.

PCSO de Burca advised members that funding from the Home Office for the PCSO scheme is due to run out in March.  A surgery has been arranged in Christopher’s Village Shop for Wednesday 22nd February from 09.30 until 10.30am.


7.                                          Clerk’s Report   January had been a quiet month generally.  The Village Hall has

been booked for the Parish Assembly on  Tuesday 13th March. This meeting is intended for ALL, and an opportunity to hear about what has gone on and what is planned for the future in the village and is not intended as a “Parish Council” event as such.  The Parish Assembly will be preceded by a short Parish Council meeting commencing at 7.00pm

            All other items covered elsewhere on the agenda.


8.                  County Councillors Report     Mrs Whittle wished it reported that KCC had not made any increase in taxation for the forthcoming year.


9.                  Borough Councillor Report  Mrs Parvin invited feedback on concurrent function situation.  Mr Bedwell replied that although the financial climate was well understood, any cuts in allowances [originally made to enable responsibility for some services to be passed to Parish Councils] would mean that services would have to be made by an increase in the precept, which is not what the Parish Council wanted.  Mrs Parvin stated that the proposed scheme involved MBC deciding what was “reasonable, following the involvement of and discussion with individual parishes.  Members wished it noted that no such discussions have taken place with Hollingbourne Parish Council members or Clerk.






10.              Planning Report        Mr Stephenson presented the applications received, proposed the decisions, seconded by Dr Bauer and agreed by all.








MBC Decision


Application to vary condition 3 (No activity in connection with the use of the s

Barn At

Greenway Court Farm, Greenway Court Road, ME17 1QD


Approved/Granted with Conditions


Erection of 2(no) sheds, re-positioning of drive and parking area

The Granary

Smiths Farm Hollingbourne Hill

ME17 1QJ




Extension to existing stable block

The Granary

Smiths Farm Hollingbourne Hill

ME17 1QJ




Single storey front extension

1 Copse End

Hadley Gardens

ME17 1UF




Stable/garden store building

Retrospective application

Norton Charity

Broad Street Hill

ME17 1QY





Reduction of (6) laurel trees by

60 %

Grove House

Upper Street

ME17 1UL

Raise no objection



11.              Environment Report   It was agreed that the sign on Eyhorne Green should be taken down.  Clerk to obtain quotes for a replacement sign in wood/resin/fibreglass.


12.              Finance Report          It was resolved to approve the expenditure (previously circulated) and the cheques were duly signed.  Mr Cobbett outlined the budget requirements for an anticipated c£23,000 spend next year and reported that the budget prepared by the Clerk had been agreed at that mornings finance meeting and proposed acceptance by the full Council.  Seconded by Mr Stephenson and agreed by all. It was agreed that the Parish precept would not increase in the coming financial year and it was noted that Maidstone Borough Council also do not intend to increase Council Tax from April 2012.


13.              Parks Report   Mr Ward reported that MBC have confirmed that they have all the necessary paperwork and the Parish Council continues to await the finalisation of the Deeds for the Millennium Green.  The Charities Commission do not have the latest submission made to them so a resubmission has been made and a receipt obtained.   Mr Ward is authorised to order a replacement camera for the Cardwell Pavilion CCTV system and the Clerk is to arrange a maintenance contract.


14.              Fete 2012   Mr Cobbett updated members on progress.  The next planning meeting is on 23rd March.  Mr Ward authorised to spend up to £350.00 on ropes and Arena stakes or pins as these are no longer available for loan from Leeds Castle.


15.              Items for Information          


Mr Cobbett has been approached regarding the state of the notice board outside the Hollingbourne County Primary School which is on the edge of school land.  This currently does not belong to the Council.  On his return from leave, Mr Baldock, Headteacher, will be asked for his consent for the Council to take over responsibility for the board.

Clerk to obtain quotes for replacement boards.


The Clerk queried if the Council had considered a Youth Shelter for the village.

It had not been a discussion item during the past 5 years, and complaints about groups congregating at various locations are ongoing. The matter is to be considered by the Council and it was agreed that local residents would be consulted on the matter.


The meeting closed at 21.05


Date of next meeting
TUESDAY  13th March commencing at 7.00pm in the VILLAGE HALL





Signed as a true record: