FOI Request reveals 5 Woodcut Farm meetings with MBC but none with local residents.

A Freedom of Information Request regarding the proposed development at Woodcut Farm close to Junction 8 of the M20 has revealed that the developers and their representatives had five unpublicised meetings over an eighteen month period with Maidstone Borough Council without the knowledge of affected residents or Hollingbourne Parish Council. The proposed development is on the site of the former Kent International Gateway site which was abandoned after some £3 million of public money was spent fighting the developers only a few years ago. The money was spent by Maidstone Borough Council and Kent County Council and the project was strongly opposed by local residents.

The Woodcut Farm site is close to the proposed Waterside Park development at Junction 8 of the M20 which is also strongly opposed by local Parish Councils, local Councillors, Leeds Castle, Mr Hugh Robertson MP and most if not all residents. The answer to the Freedom of Information Request to Maidstone Borough Council appears below.

A similar Freedom of Information Request with regard to Waterside Park revealed a large number of meetings between the Council and the developers and the fact that the developers had provided Council representatives with hospitality. For further details please go to Site Pages or

Ms Alison Broom, Chief Executive of Maidstone Borough Council was asked if there is any connection between Mr D, Jarman who represented Hobbs Parker, who are advising the developers, and Mr R. Jarman who is the the Planning Officer for Maidstone. Her reply was as follows I do not believe that Rob and David Jarman referred to in your enquiry are related.

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