Forthcoming roadworks in Hollingbourne – UPDATED.

Hollingbourne Parish Council has been advised by KCC Highways that that repairs will be made to the potholes at the junction of Tilefields and Eyhorne Street on 14th May* by South East Water. This may require some restriction of traffic at the busy junction. Please see below for the UPDATE.

Other forthcoming roadworks include the “clanking manhole” outside of Godfrey House which Southern Water are dealing with and will require a road closure of Eyhorne Street (B2163/C603) and the flood under the railway bridge in Greenway Court Road which KCC Highways are investigating and which will also require a road closure. No information is available about the overflowing gulley outside of Godfrey House which is causing water to flood across the road.

At the time of writing no formal closures have requested to KCC Highways for the problems outside of Godfrey House and in Greenway Court Road. It is understood that there is 12 week notice period for a road closure order. As and when closure notices are received by the Parish Council it is the intention to post them on this website.

Other local problems include massive potholes in Church Road in Hucking and the part revealed manhole in the Eyhorne Street Conservation Area which was incorrectly covered in tarmac. The wear on the road surface has revealed orange tape around the manhole.

Also of concern is the byway that runs from Greenway Court Road to the Pilgrim’s Way which has been seriously damaged by off roaders with the result that a large section is now impassable. Please see for a report from over two years ago since which time it has worsened. A picture of the byway entrance which shows the undamaged section appears at the bottom of this page. The KCC reference for the byway is PROW/KH156.

Potholes and other road problems can be reported to KCC Highways at

UPDATE  as of 14th May – The works planned for the junction of Tilefields and Eyhorne Street planned for 14th May* will now take place on Monday 21st May. Additionally KCC Highways are trying to organise an Emergency Closure of Eyhorne Street in conjunction with Southern Water so that the “clanking manhole” can be repaired and the gulley flooding problem addressed. On 11th May KCC Highways attended to the flooding under the Greenway Court Road railway bridge and have established that more work needs to be done. No dates are currently available for closure of Eyhorne Street by Godfrey House or the works in Greenway Court Road.

Pictured below are the sites detailed at the end of Tilefields, Godfrey House, and in  Greenway Court Road plus the entrance to the Target Cottage Byway which is now impassable beyond the pictured section.

The junction with Tilefields and Eyhorne Street with the area to be repaired next to the dashed white line.
The clanking manhole is in the middle of the road and is surrounded by tarmac which is breaking up. On the other side of the road is the overflowing gulley which has been causing Eyhorne Street to flood for a month.
The flood under the railway bridge in Greenway Court Road.
The Greenway Court Road entrance to the Target Cottage byway which leads up to the Pilgrim’s Way. It is impassable beyond the limit of the picture due to damage caused by off roaders. The KCC Reference to the Byway (PROW/KH156) is marked on the signpost.