French newspaper suggests that Brexit may be the reason for the lack of interest in Hollingbourne’s Twinning with Templeuve.

The Voice du Nord which is the regional daily newspaper which covers Hollingbourne’s twin community of Templeuve is today suggesting that Brexit may be one of the reasons why there is a lack of interest in Templeuve with continuing the agreement that was signed in March 2013. A Hollingbourne Twinning Committee still exists but the one in Templeuve seems to have dissolved although a party from Templeuve did come to the Hollingbourne Summer Fete and Exemption Dog Show on 9th June. There will be a party going to Templeuve on 13th July for their Bastill Day Weekend when the Tour de France passes through the town.

A translated extract from the newspaper appears below.

The Templeuve-Hollingbourne twinning in full Brexit?
No more president for a year: Templeuve’s twinning committee with the British village is at a standstill. And it is our friends the English who would complain. Would Templeuve secede?

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The twinning was concluded in 2013 with the former English municipality.The twinning was concluded in 2013 with the former English municipality.
” Hollingbourne has no contact in the municipality of Templeuve for a year. It’s a lack of respect for the twinning committee and the chairman of the parish council, the equivalent of the mayor, “said James Tosh. The councilor, also subject of Her Majesty, has chaired the twinning committee since 2013. But he resigned last year, ” lack of support from the executive templeuvois .”

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An image of the French page appears below.

Until the terms of Brexit are settled there will be some questions that are yet to be resolved regarding relations between France and England and Hollingbourne and Templeuve in particular. There are fears that Brexit could make trips to France less convenient because of increased Customs and Passport controls and the fact that medical insurance might be needed if the EHIC cards are no longer valid.

Meanwhile there are still large numbers of Remainers protesting about Brexit in the hope that it will be stopped including the 100,000 plus who marched in London for a People’s Vote on 23rd June. Pictured below are some of them marching down Whitehall just before Downing Street on their way to Parliament Square for a mass rally.

The view up Whitehall towards Trafalgar Square on the day of the march for a People’s Vote on Brexit on 23rd June 2018.