Godfrey Meadow developers fund new Hollingbourne play area.

Wealden Homes who are just completing a development of 14 houses in Godfrey Meadow are funding an upgrade of the play area on the Lance Memorial Playing Field as a condition of being granted planning permission. Their application for planning permission was opposed on several grounds by Hollingbourne Parish Council and local residents who were over ruled by Maidstone Borough Council. The houses cost from £535,000 for a 2 bedroomed house and no affordable family houses are in the development which has no pavements or street lighting. Work on the play area is due to start shortly.

The payment of £21,912 was restricted so it could only be used for a children’s playground and Hollingbourne Parish Council were not given any other options such as a fitness trail. There is already a children’s playground on the Lance Memorial Playing Field.

Kent County Council specifies to developers sums that they are to provide for local services and in the case of the recent application to build 10 houses in Windmill Lane, KCC has asked that £33,324 be paid for the benefit of Harrietsham County Primary School and nothing for Hollingbourne. KCC Highways and Footpaths have also stipulated that the Lane cannot be closed during any period of construction unless there is an alternative route to to Windmill PH car park, the Village Hall, and adjoining properties. This may present a major difficulty for Country House Homes who are the planning applicants.

Pictured below is the layout for the new play area.