Harrietsham Pre-School to move to Hollingbourne.

The Harrietsham Pre School is to move into Hollingbourne Village Hall from September as their arrangement to use a classroom at Harrietsham School is to shortly end. The news was briefly reported on this website last month following an announcement on the Harrietsham Pre School Facebook page. 

Harrietsham Pre School presently operates an all day service in Harrietsham whereas the Hollingbourne Pre-School at the Cardwell Pavilion only runs up to lunchtime. At one time the Hollingbourne Pre-School operated in the Village Hall before moving to the Cardwell Pavilion. At that time the car park at the rear of the Hall was grassed over and used by the children as a play area. In those days the present Windmill PH car park was shared by Windmill customers and Village Hall users.

It is understood that the Harrietsham Pre-School see this as a temporary arrangement until such time as premises in Harrietsham can be found. Coincidentally some of the Section 106 payments to be paid by the developer of the ten new houses in Windmill Lane which leads to the Hall will be paid to Harrietsham for facilities at Harrietsham School. None of the Section 106 money including that for affordable housing is earmarked for Hollingbourne.

It is anticipated that the Pre-School will increase traffic in Windmill Lane and may restrict some of the present day time use of the Village Hall which is on land owned by EI Group PLC. They are also the landlords of the three Hollingbourne public houses. At the present time EI Group PLC have declined to renew the twenty year Village Hall leave which expired in August 2016.

Harrietsham Pre-School have been looking for new premises for some time and ran can a campaign to keep the service going. Their website is https://www.harrietshampreschool.co.uk/ The Village Hall website is https://www.hollingbournevillagehall.org.uk/

Pictured below (top) is some of the children at the Pre-School (Picture from Kent Online) and (bottom) Hollingbourne Village Hall in Windmill Lane.

Some of the staff and children at Harrietsham Pre-School.


Hollingbourne Village Hall in Windmill Lane which is located in the Eyhorne Street Conservation Area of Hollingbourne.