Help to get on your bike (or moped)!

Hollingbourne Parish Council has received the following message from Wheels 2 Work which may be of interest to some residents who need “affordable” two wheeled transport. Please Read More for further information.

‘Wheels 2 Work Kent’ is a charitable project run by East Surrey Rural Transport Partnership, supported by Kent County Council.

Our aim is to assist people, living in rural communities like yours, into work or educational placements by offering the use of mopeds or bicycles, on loan, at very affordable rates.

We are keen to work with Parish Councils and would ask that you pass the information below onto your councillors, to raise their awareness of what is available to their parishioners.

Happy New Year – Let ‘Wheels 2 Work Kent’ kick start 2019!

As active members of your local parish council you will appreciate the difficulties faced by those living in our rural communities; many of you will already be working with community groups in your area to help your parishioners make the most of what’s available to them.

We all know that as the Local Authorities face tighter budgets it’s the rural villages that seem to suffer the most; uneconomic bus routes, even though they are a lifeline to some, are always one of the first services to be hit; train travel, where you’re lucky enough to have it, can be expensive and not always reliable!
Take transport away from a village and you take the lifeblood out of its community which can result in social isolation and in many cases losing the ability to earn a living or pursue further education or vocational training.

This is where ’Wheels to Work Kent’ would love to help. We are a charitable project providing two wheel transport at affordable rates, to anyone who is eligible with a driving licence (provisional or full).
Riders who join our scheme benefit from the use of a fully taxed and insured 50cc or 110cc machine, all the necessary protective clothing – Helmet, Jacket, Gloves and Hi-Vis Vest and we take care of the servicing, maintenance and any breakdown cover.

Working out at around £5.00 per day (plus fuel), our scheme compares very favourably with other forms of public transport with the added bonus of the flexibility that ‘having your own wheels’ affords.

I would therefore ask you to please take a few moments to look at our Facebook page (W2W Kent) and our website which provides full details about the scheme and how we could help those living in your parish.

We might just make that difference between your parishioners being able to take up a job offer or college place rather than having to turn it down because they can’t rely on being able to get there.

We would be very happy to discuss how we can work with you in your community to provide that final piece in the jigsaw; between us we can open doors and facilitate opportunities for all, to ensure our rural communities stay connected.


East Surrey Rural Transport Partnership

Tandridge District Council Offices
8 Station Road East, Oxted, Surrey RH8 0BT
Tel: 01883 732791

Wheels 2 Work poster January 2019.