Hollingbourne author shortlisted for book award.

Local Author, Philippa Joyner, is excited to have been short-list selected for the Author Academy Awards, 2019! This time with her first in the two-part series of Don’t Forget to Pack the Humour, Honey, (its sequel called A Walk on the Wild Side.) If you like the look of her cover and think it a worthy parochial, clever, travel-epic fun read, then please scroll down and select Don’t Forget to Pack the Humour, Honey in the Memoir Section – page 8. She said to her fans “I will remember you on the Red Carpet!!!!! Love Honey x”

For more information please go to https://authoracademyawards.com/ and go to the Memoir Section on page 8.

Pictured below is the cover of “Don’t Forget to Pack the Humour, Honey” which  to expected to be available in the near future from Waterstones Bookshop in the Fremlin Walk in Maidstone. It is already on Amazon together with some of Pippa’s other titles including the Anouka Chronicles series for children.

Pippa Joyner’s 2018 book which is up for an award.