Hollingbourne Meadows Trust – a Lockdown escape

Spending time outdoors for allocated daily exercise has become a highlight for many during the Coronavirus lockdown. Exercise is one of the few defined reasons that people in the UK are allowed to leave their homes.

However across the country many parks and private open spaces have closed to the public to comply with the governments guidelines amid fears that people would congregate in the warmer weather and not adhere to the social distancing measures.

Here in Hollingbourne we are more fortunate than most. Not only do we have beautiful local walks but we have great local outdoor facilities, such as the Meadows.

Hollingbourne Meadows Trust  has remained open throughout the lockdown and as a result has seen footfall rise significantly. There have been many new visitors, more frequent visits from regular visitors and even those travelling from further afar to enjoy the space.

The importance of daily exercise and being outside has been widely reported, especially during the uncertainty felt my most during this time. Exercising or just being outside in nature has been shown drastically improve your your mental health as well as your physical health by improving mood and reducing depression.

It would be great if all those enjoying the space could consider becoming a ‘Friend of the Meadows’ by donating a regular amount. Many visitors to the Meadows are still under the impression that the land is funded with Local Government support. This is not the case and if it was not for the small number of contributors, the Trust would not exist. The Trust relies totally on donations and needs regular contributions to operate both safely, legally and to keep the land in the condition that we have all come to expect and enjoy.

Now it is more important than ever to protect this important asset to the village as any previously potentially available funding from lottery grants or government schemes is now being targeted towards the impacts of Covid-19, the charity run meadows space will need the local residents support more than ever.

How to donate here