Hollingbourne MP receives assurance from Home Secretary that local farms can recruit EU workers after Brexit.

Faversham and Kent MP Mrs Helen Whately who represents Hollingbourne has received an assurance from the Home Secretary that local arms will still be able to employ EU workers in the Garden of England after Brexit.

The full text of yesterday’s exchange from Hansard is as follows (Citation: HC Deb, 3 December 2018, c523) :

Helen Whately Vice-Chair, Conservative Party
Fruit growers in my constituency welcome the seasonal agricultural workers scheme pilot, although they are concerned that 2,500 workers will not be enough. Will my right hon. Friend confirm that during the implementation period under the proposed withdrawal agreement, EU workers will be able to continue to come to the UK to work on fruit farms in my constituency? Will he advise on whether he has plans to expand the pilot?

Sajid Javid The Secretary of State for the Home Department
I welcome my hon. Friend’s interest in this pilot scheme for agricultural workers. I can assure her, first, that it will be carefully evaluated, and if we need to expand it, we will do that. I can also confirm that workers from the EU will still be able to come and work in the UK during the implementation period.

Mrs Whately has also been asked to press for compensation for local residents whose homes may be affected by traffic issues arising from the introduction of Operation Brock on the M20 if and when the UK leaves the Customs Union and Single Market after Brexit. Operation Brock is part of a £25 million scheme to use the M20 from Junction 8 to Junction 9 as a lorry park with the London bound carriageway being used to carry other traffic in both directions. Prior to the EU Referendum in 2016 Mrs Whately was opposed to leaving the EU.

Pictured below is Mrs Whately.

Helen Whately at Woodcut Farm in Hollingbourne.