Hollingbourne Parish Council and KCC formally object to development opposite Godfrey House.

Hollingbourne Parish Council and Kent County Council have both registered objections to the proposed development of fourteen £750,000 5 bedroomed houses on land opposite to Godfrey House in Eyhorne Street, Hollingbourne. The land is outside of the present village envelope and has been selected by Wealden Homes for new housing as part of Maidstone Borough Council’s Scheme to build 19600 new houses in the Borough by 2031.

The text of the objection from Hollingbourne Parish Council to Maidstone Borough Council reads as follows:-

Subject: URGENT – Planning Application MA/14/0475 – 14 houses on land adjacent to 103 Eyhorne Street, Hollingbourne
Importance: High

 Dear Mr Clarke

 Please note that the Hollingbourne Parish Council objects to this application on the following grounds:

 1.       It is contrary to our comments on the Maidstone Borough Local Plan.  HPC considers that this site is not the correct one for development in Hollingbourne.

2.       The proposal is for large 4-5 bedroom houses of which there is an adequate supply in the area.  The cost of these houses is not likely to be affordable to local people.

3.       It provides no affordable housing.

4.       It could be regarded as a “gated” development whereas this area is of the nature of single or groups of houses fronting on to Eyhorne Street.

5.       Planning history on this site shows repeated refusal of applications supported by rejection on appeals.

6.       We are concerned about surface and foul water drainage.  There is evidence in neighbouring developments where it has been necessary to use tankers to extract effluent as foul drainage is unable to cope.

7.       In our comments on the Maidstone Borough Local Plan we have highlighted the need for infrastructure issues to be resolved and implemented prior to development proposals.  This application clearly is lacking in addressing the problems of schools, medical, transport, road congestion, water supply and drainage.

 Please note that we would be willing to attend meetings with regards to our objection to this proposal.

 Yours sincerely

 Mrs V J Smith

Parish Clerk

In addition Kent Councty Council Education have also sent the following objection which has been forwarded by local County Councillor Jenny Whittle:-

In addition, Kent Education will submit opposition to the 14 house development proposed opposite Godfrey House on the basis that there are not a sufficient number of school places available.

It is understood that both objections will appear on the Maidstone Borough Council website. One of the several reasons that Hollingbourne Parish Council has objected is concerns about the capacity of the main village sewerage system which came to light when a previously abandoned plan to build 14 houses in Hasteds was considered. Southern Water who are responsible for sewerage, identified a major pollution risk and there is now a regular visit from a sewerage tanker to remove excess foul water.

In addition local MP Hugh Robertson has written to Maidstone Borough Council expressing concern about Maidstone’s plans for 19600 houses and the selection of sites including those in Hollingbourne. For the text of his letter please go to /hollingbournepc/UserFiles/file/Hugh%20Robertson%20MP%20about%20MBC%20LOcal%20Plan%202014.pdf