Hollingbourne Village Fireworks raises £700 for local causes.

Hollingbourne Parish Council has received the following message from Beccy Stroud about the Village Fireworks on 1st November on the Hollingbourne Meadows Trust land. Please Read More for further information.


A huge, heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all of you lovely people who came out to support this event. As we had a change of venue this year I was worried that the event would not be as well supported as in previous years. However, we sold a record amount of tickets (485!), sold out of all the alcohol and food and made a healthy profit. I have £700.00 available to go to Hollingbourne village organisations.

I have had so many lovely comments about the evening, most of which mention the lovely ‘village vibe’ we created in the Meadows Trust fields. This has always been my main aim in holding the event, to get the village together for a good value, family friendly, fun event and what better village asset to use than the Meadows Trust? As always, with these events there are learning curves and among other improvements for next year we will be ordering more food and will aim to reduce queuing times.

At the risk of this turning into a bad Oscar speech there are lots of dedicated people in the village that I really want to thank, your support and encouragement have been amazing. Gill, Billie and Sarah for their help with the bar (14th year, you deserve a medal!), Ben, Ian and David from the Meadows Trust team for all their help with the physical graft and logistics of setting up and clearing away, and to the MT Board for agreeing to host the event and for their positive energy and ideas in the planning stages. Ian for the magnificent beacon construction, building and tending on the night, Shaun for his help with the electricity, water and general all round sunniness and Linda for the amazing pumpkin soup that was brought out just at the right moment! The BBQ team Kathy, Chris, Gill, Brendan, Claire, Gerry, Tom and Lorraine – boy, did you work hard and the result was fantastic! Sarah and Mandy from The Brownies, Barbara, Jan, Alan, Val, June and Keith for being the wonderful glow-stick-waving stewards.

A special mention to Ivor who spent a good two hours helping me rake stones, grit and and wood chippings into the approach to the fields, and for his lovely colour-changing lights which made the approach look magical and to Mary who brought out a much needed cup of coffee half way through! For all the litter pickers who turned up the next morning in driving rain and wind, thank you so much.

The church for allowing me to borrow their cones. Owen for being the ‘runner’ for change and messages between the ticket stations and his parents for allowing St. Johns access to their driveway. Carole and John for their part in advertising and promoting the event and last but not least my family and my friends in the village, who know the difficulties that I faced with the event this year and who supported me the whole way through. Your loyalty to me and your determination to help me make this the best one ever will not be forgotten.

If you are part of a Hollingbourne village organisation please get in touch with me if you think a donation from the fireworks fund would be helpful to you. Email hollingbournefireworks@hotmail.com or telephone 01622 880377. See you all next year!

Beccy Stroud

Pictured below is Beccy Stroud.

Beccy Stroud 2019.