Hollingbourne’s MP voted against motion to give MP’s control over Parliament business. – UPDATED.

Faversham and Mid Kent MP Mrs Helen Whately, who represents Hollingbourne, voted against last night’s House of Commons motion to give MP’s control over Parliament business. The motion was carried by 328 votes to 301.

The vote may pave the way for a further vote to stop a “no deal” Brexit although it is not clear what a “deal” might be.

Mrs Whately, who was formerly a Remain supporter, has been the local MP since 2015 when she succeeded Hugh Robertson who stood down. A significant part of her constituency could be affected by leaving the Customs Union after Brexit and in particular the M20 corridor past Hollingbourne which will be used for Operation Brock where thousands of lorries could be stored awaiting new Customs arrangements at Dover and Eurotunnel. She has been asked to investigate the possibility of an environmental impact assessment of these lorries both on the environment and on local traffic.

A response has been received from Highways England about the Environmental Impact and this is reproduced below.


UPDATE as of 8th September – Mrs Whately voted today for an early General Election and was one of the 298 votes cast in favour versus 56 against. As the necessary majority of 434 was not achieved, the motion failed.


Mrs Whately can be contacted at helen.whately.mp@parliament.uk

Pictured below is Mrs Whately.

Mrs Helen Whately, MP for Faversham and Mid Kent including Hollingbourne – April 2019.