Installation of defibrillators outside the Village Hall and Hollingbourne School.

Hollingbourne Parish Council has arranged for two defibrillators to be installed outside the Village Hall in Eyhorne Street and outside the Village School. They will very shortly be fully operational and it is intended to provide a briefing on their use at the Annual Parish Assembly on Tuesday 30th April at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

The defibrillator cabinets can be opened by dialling 999 and receiving a code from the operator. The units have been funded by the Parish Council with support from the Village Hall Committee who are providing the electricity free of charge and the Hollingbourne County Primary School.

Pictured below is Ivor Tapsfield checking the cabinet outside the Village Hall (top) and the outside of the cabinet with the instructions for use (bottom). 

Ivor Tapsfield checking the new defibrillator cabinet outside the Village Hall – March 2019.
The outside of the Village Hall defibrillator – March 2019.