It is nearly Pantomime time again!

Hollingbourne Parish Council has just received the following information from the hollingbourne Pantomime Group who have been putting on shows in the Village Hall for over 40 years.

It’s Nearly Pantomime Time Again !!

Your favourite piece of local theatre returns for another season and now is your chance to get involved. If you’ve been involved before of just thought about it we’d love to see you on stage or behind the scenes.
This year’s show, as always is new and entirely original with script by Jonathan Barry and songs by David Head and this time we bring you the story of……

Dr Hollingstein of Frankenbourne

Yes, you’re right, it is Frankenstein the Pantomime but this is still the traditional village show and will have all the fun you have come to expect from the Hollingbourne stage.

The AUDITIONS are on Sunday 13th and Wednesday 16th October (Sunday at 7.30pm Wednesday at 8.00pm) in the village hall
AUDITIONS for children’s parts on Sunday 10th November at 6.30pm
We look forward to seeing you!!

The 2020 Pantomime of Dr Hollingstein of Frankenbourne will be performed in Hollingbourne Village Hall from Wednesday 12th to Saturday 15th February.


Pictured below are cast pictures from the 2019 production of Rapunzel taken during rehearsals.

June Pockett as Witch Hazel and Cathy Spain as Rapunzel.
Gill Phelsan as Willi, Jo Head as Walli, and Natasha Gudge as Dusty.
Left to right Sarah O’Connell as the Queen, Graham Wood, as the King, Nick Hawley as Chambers, and Emma Peters as Frans.