‘It’s Coming Home!”

The Dirty Habit Claret Trophy has been reclaimed from the Templeuve Town Hall and brought it back to Hollingbourne for display in the Dirty Habit PH.

In 2013 the Parish Council twinned with Hollingbourne and there were a number of successful events including an annual golf match for a trophy that was donated by Martial Chaussy of the Dirty Habit. Matches were held until last year when the last match was drawn. At the time the trophy was left in France in the hope that the 2019 event would happen and that the trophy would come back to Hollingbourne.

However, the Templeuve Twinning Committee folded and the Hollingbourne one was unable to continue due to a lack of new members.

Hollingbourne’s golfers were keen to reclaim the trophy and a visit by Colin Leggat to the office of Mayor Luc Monnet produced a result!

Over the years a number of people from France attended the Hollingbourne Fete each year and parties from Hollingbourne have attended the Templeuve Armistice Day ceremony and Summer Festivals etc.

Pictured is Derek Davison from Hollingbourne, Fabien Denouex from Templeuve, and Patrick Robert from the Department du Nord in the Dirty Habit PH in Upper Street.