January 2010 Minutes.

                                 Minutes of the meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council

                           held on 18th January 2010,   in the Cardwell Pavilion at 7.30pm


Present:  Mr M Bedwell (Chairman), Mr J Cobbett (Vice-Chairman), Dr S Bauer,

Mr G Bryan, Mr F Stephenson, Mr A Ward, Mr A Williams.


Also in attendance: Ms E Lawrence (Clerk), Mrs J Whittle County Councillor, and   members of the public.


01.       Apologies for absence Mrs S Baxter (work commitment)

  Mrs Parvin, (Borough Councillor) prior commitment.


02.       Declaration of Interests and Amendments to Register of Interests


There were no declarations of interest.

There were no amendments to the Register of Interests.


03.       Approval of minutes of last meeting

            (Circulated prior to meeting)


 It was resolved that the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting and that they should be accepted.


04.       Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)


Mr Ward hoped to hold a meeting of the Community Action Plan Steering Group before the next Parish Council meeting.  He also confirmed he has yet to receive the legal paperwork regarding the Millennium Green.

Mr Cobbett reported that in addition to his concerns regarding the equity release presentation promoted by MBC, he had asked if the Borough Council had in place indemnity insurance against anyone who took up the scheme and took proceedings against the Council upon discovering the less than favourable terms offered by the company in question.  A reply is awaited.

The Clerk reported that the damaged rubbish bin near the Church was owned by the parish council.  She is awaiting advice from MBC regarding a suitable replacement, with costs.


05.       Publication of Minutes


Mr Williams reported that he has been asked why the minutes of meetings are not published until they have been approved.  As he was not in favour of that decision, he wished the matter to be reconsidered.  It was pointed out that the full approved minutes are on the Parish Council website, usually the day following the meeting at which they are approved.  The Clerk informed members that best practice is to publish unapproved minutes as soon as is practicable following a meeting, as long as they are clearly marked as such.  Most members however felt that only accurate, approved minutes should be published and it was therefore resolved to continue as at present.





06.       County Councillors Report


Mrs Whittle reported on the following:

         KIG.    In light of a possible election in May, it was felt unlikely that  any Secretary of State would make a decision on the KIG proposal in April, when the result of the enquiry is known.

         Mrs Whittle has made several enquiries regarding the lack of working CCTV coverage at the station.

         An application for a police community support officer (PCSO) for North Downs Ward has been turned down.

         Although objections have been raised regarding the single staffing in mobile libraries, a 20% budget is anticipated and therefore the proposal will be inevitable.

         The responsibility for the upkeep of the road surface of “Windmill Lane” is being explored

         The recent salting routes and placing of salt bins were under scrutiny and the Clerk reported the request for a salt bin in the vicinity of the properties near Allington Farm.

         Mrs Whittle reaffirmed her support of the bid for traffic calming measures in Hollingbourne subject to costs, but reminded Members that her budget needed to be shared amongst the large number of Parishes for which she is responsible.,



07.       Borough Councillors report  nil received



08.      Chairmans  report


Mr Bedwell stated that the salt bin at the junction of Hospital Lane/Greenway Court Road has been stolen.  CCTV coverage is being scrutinised to identify the 4×4 vehicle which towed people around the Lance Memorial Field in the snow, causing extensive damage to the recently reseeded turf.

Thanks were extended to the Pre-School parent who cleared the car park of snow at the Cardwell Pavilion.

If the KIG proposals were in place and recent weather occurred again, the resultant chaos on the roads would be unthinkable. 


09.        Finance Committee


Mr Cobbett reported on the recent Finance Committee meeting. A draft budget has been set, with an assumption of no increase to the precept this year, and no surplus being derived from the Fete.  The hire of the Cardwell Pavilion rates will remain as at 2009/10 levels.

A deficit of £720 is forecast, to be paid for from reserves.

It was resolved to sign the cheques (previously circulated) for December 2009 expenditure.


10.       Clerks report


Crime Update


The Clerk reported two crimes, both thefts of/from vehicles within the past month.

Extensive efforts have been made to protest at the lack of CCTV coverage at the station, especially as this has been widely reported in both local and national media, with no resultant action by either the railway police or Southeast Trains.


Other matters dealt with throughout the meeting.




11.       Parks Report


Mr Stephenson is arranging to see interested parties regarding the cleaning schedule and will report back.

The boiler has been inspected and serviced, and a Landlords Certificate issued. 

It was noted that the CCTV camera work is outstanding.


12.       Planning Report


The following applications had been considered by the Planning Committee:-


Top of Form


Retrospective application for the sub-division of garden with new fences for

Eyhorne Manor, Eyhorne Green, Hollingbourne, Maidstone, Kent,

ME17 1UU


A proposal was made to object on the grounds of the fencing being out of keeping with such an historic building, which was not supported.  The Planning committee recommended returning a vote of “do not wish to comment” with one abstention, two against and four for the proposal, which was duly carried.


13.       Environmental Report


Concern was expressed about the ivy growth concealing the wall at the roadside by the entrance to Eyhorne Manor, in that motorists either took the bend wide to avoid it, or risked knocking the wall not realising it was behind the ivy.  Clerk to discuss trimming back with the owners.

It was resolved to ask Mr Snowdon to choose a mower and let the council know the cost.


14.       KIG    Nothing further to report.  


15.       Fete Report  A further meeting will be held  on 20th January and plans are under way. 


16.       Items for Information


It was noted that 2012 is not only the year when the Olympic Games will be held in the UK, but it is also the Queens Jubilee year. It was suggested that a weekend event be held in celebration.


Date of next meeting
8 February 2010 at 7.30pm in The Cardwell Pavilion.


Signed as a true record: