January 2012 Minutes.

Minutes of the meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council

held on 9th January 2012 in the Cardwell Pavilion at 7.30pm


Present:  Mr M Bedwell (Chairman) Mr A Ward (Vice-Chairman), Dr S Bauer,

 Mr J Cobbett, Mr F Stephenson, Mrs S O’Connell, Mr D Ardley.

Also in attendance: Ms E Lawrence (Clerk) Mrs J Whittle County Councillor,

Mrs D Parvin, Borough Councillor, PCSOs S De Burca and D Rowley and 2 members of the public.


1.                  Apologies for absence  None.


2.                                          Declaration of Interests and amendments to Register of Interests 


Mr Ardley declared an interest in Hollingbourne Meadows Trust, and would not participate in any vote.


3.                                          Approval of minutes of last meeting


Mr Cobbett proposed that the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting and that they should be accepted, seconded by Mr Stephenson and agreed.


4.                                          Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)


Item 6.  The Clerk had previously circulated her response from the Highways Agency, which stated:

 “According to Defra’s Noise Action Plans, an Important Area with First Priority Locations has been identified in the vicinity of Hollingbourne.

We are currently investigating all Important Areas with First Priority Locations identified alongside the Strategic Road Network, and aim to have these investigations completed by March 2012.  The aim of the investigations is to identify options for mitigating road traffic noise at each of the Important Areas with First Priority Locations. However, the implementation of any noise mitigation measures following any of investigations will be subject to available funding.

Until these investigations have been undertaken, we cannot confirm whether any specific noise attenuation measures will be installed at this location.”

Item 15.  It was confirmed that the catering arrangements for this year’s Fete would be outsourced.

The meeting was adjourned for10 minutes to allow the public to speak.


5.                  Crime Update    Siobhan De Burca introduced herself as PCSO working for the North Downs.  She intends to circulate crime figures on a regular basis. In December 2011 there were 13 crimes across the Ward, 4 of which took place in Hollingbourne.  3 were thefts and 1 was damage to property.  Mr Cobbett asked if figures relating to crime solving rates could be made available.  PCSO de Burca undertook to look into this.  She promoted Country Eye, a partnership between the rural community, Kent Police and Neighbourhood Watch, with information being shared with participating organisations. Siobhan also stated she will look into the possibility of reviewing a Neighbourhood Watch scheme. 

All were reminded of the telephone number to use to contact the local police team in non-urgent situations, which is 101. For urgent matters (i.e. where life could be endangered or when a crime is in progress, the number remains 999).  Members felt strongly that the 101 number had not been strongly publicized and Mr Williams offered to write a short piece for the Parish Magazine.


6.                  Chairman’s Report    Mr Bedwell reported that there had been no progress on finding out the weight limit of the road across the Bourne, which is crucial to the prevention of non-local HGVs inappropriate use of the village as a rat run.  News was welcomed that a satellite navigation system designed specifically for HGV commercial use will be launched shortly.

The annual Civic Service of the Lord Lieutenant of Kent will be held in Rochester Cathedral on Tuesday 6 March at 11.00am.  Mr Bedwell asked for someone to attend in his place as he will be working and Mr Cobbett agreed to represent the Council.


7.                  Clerk’s Report   The Clerk had received a notice from Action with Communities in Rural Kent asking for volunteers to help ensure isolated people do not lose their TV picture. Most of Kent receives terrestrial signals from 4 analogue transmitters which will switch to digital on 1 May.

The CCTV camera at Hollingbourne Station is again pointing skywards, and the Clerk has reported this to South Eastern Trains.

Notification of the next meeting of the Bus group has been received for 16th January at 9.30 in Chart Sutton village hall.

A letter has been received from the Hollingbourne Meadows Trust asking for permission erect a shed in which to house mowing equipment in a corner of the car park at the rear of the Village Hall.  Following discussion it was agreed that the Clerk should advise the Trust to seek the agreement of the Village Hall Committee and then seek permission from Enterprise Inns PLC, who own the land.  Consultation with MBC Planning Department would also be necessary to ascertain if planning permission is required.


8.                  County Councillors Report     Mrs Whittle thanked Mr Cobbett for agreeing to meet with the Aylesbury MP, Mr David Lidington, in order to show him the cut and cover tunnel secured by Hollingbourne for HS1 and also for discussing the problems of HS1 and the proposed carrying of freight on the line, with the expected vibrations felt by affected properties.  She also thanked him for attending the meetings regarding proposals for Superfast Broadband for the village.

The date of implementing the traffic scheme is to be confirmed.


9.                  Borough Councillor Report  Mrs Parvin reported on the improvements to Mote Park, especially access and pathways.  The Museum has re-opened and everyone is encouraged to visit.  Urban projects in Maidstone are making progress.  Elections are in May.


10.                                      Planning Report         There were no planning applications to consider.


11.              Environment Report    Litter at the A20 entrance to the village is a continuing problem. The Clerk is  to ask MBC for the contract specification for frequency of litter-picking (via Mrs Ring)   Litter around the War Memorial is a ongoing issue, even though there is a bin on the opposite side of the road.  Another bin to be requested (by Clerk) to be placed on the Hollingbourne School side of Eyhorne Street. 


12.              Finance Report           It was resolved to approve the expenditure (previously circulated) and the cheques were duly signed.  The Clerk is  to arrange a Finance Committee meeting. 


13.              Parks Report  The upper door to the loft area has been repaired.

Millennium Green – MBC have still not responded regarding the status of  the Deeds.

 The mower has been repaired, serviced and returned.

The Millennium Green Trust does not yet appear on the Charities Commission website.  Mr Ward is to make address this if this does not resolve within a reasonable time.


14.              Fete 2012   Mr Cobbett updated members on progress.  The next planning meeting is on 23rd January.

15.              Items for Information


The next Safari Market had been agreed – date awaited; use of Cardwell Pavilion confirmed at no cost to WI.

Mr Ward confirmed that he had completed a tracker survey for KCC Highway Services.

Mr Bedwell confirmed he had completed a questionnaire on waste and recycling. He had emphasised throughout the need for high quality and accessible services in order to help combat fly-tipping.

The WI are again organising a bigger and better Pancake Race this year. Mr Bedwell agreed to oversee the lane marking on the Lance Memorial Field for the races and the Council agreed the use of the Cardwell Pavilion at no cost.




The meeting closed at 21.05


Date of next meeting
13th February 2012 in the Cardwell Pavilion.





Signed as a true record: