July 2013 Minutes.

Minutes of the meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council

held on Monday 8th July 2013 in the Cardwell Pavilion

commencing at 7.30pm


Present:   Mr Bedwell, Mrs Askew, Dr Bauer, Mr Cobbett, Mr Ward,

1.      Apologies for absence     Mr Waite (prior family commitment)

Mr Bennett (ill health)

                                                Mrs Whittle (clash of meetings)

                                                Mr Ardley (stuck in traffic)

2.      Declarations and Requests

Declaration of Changes to the Register of Interests   – none

Declaration of Interest in items on the Agenda          – all declared knowing planning applicant for


Requests for Dispensations                                         – none


3.      Approval of minutes of last meeting  (Circulated prior to meeting)

 It was resolved that the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting and they were duly signed by the Chairman.

4.      Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda) None.


5.             Chairman’s Report

Mr Bedwell expressed congratulations to all those who had worked so hard to make the Fete

a success and apparently enjoyed by attendees from England and France.  He particularly wished to acknowledge the input from Mr Moray Dennett who had contributed in excess of 60 hours of voluntary work in preparing the grounds for the day and who was still working in the evening to deliver back loaned tables etc.  Mr Dennett – thank you.

It is disappointing to see Woodcut Farm has applied for a scoping opinion for another industrial type scheme on the same site as the defeated KIG scheme, especially in light of the recent application from DHA Planning in such a near location.

Twinning developments are beginning, with a Golf Tournament having already taken place. A Claret Jug trophy was given by Martial Chaussy of The Dirty Habit.  The Chairman asked Mr Tom Regan to give a brief report on the event:  fourteen golfers and one non-player (the photographer) visited Templeuve.  The visit became a family event as some of the players sons went.  Prior to playing, both teams sang their National Anthems with gusto! Rounds included mixed French and English teams and it was quickly realised that the two countries have somewhat different styles of handicapping.  The French golfers hope to visit Hollingbourne in October and it is hoped that a tournament will take place twice a year in the future.

6.             Q&A session with DHA Planning  re application MA/13/0050

Scoping opinion sought in respect of an Environmental Statement to be submitted in relation to a proposed development being:

 1: The creation of a new site access road off the existing A20/M20 link roundabout with associated works to the roundabout as required;

 2: The re-grading of the site to create a level development platform (with the creation of new bunds and batters as required);

3: The creation of up to 60,000sqm of employment floorspace in use classes B1 (light industrial/research and development/offices), B2 (general industrial) and B8 (storage and warehousing) and;

4: Internal drainage, road layouts, structural landscaping and diversion of the existing public right of way.

Mr Cobbett asked what contractual arrangements are in place to ensure the companies Scarab and ADL

do move into “Waterside Park” after the sand extraction has taken place.  Response:  the companies concerned are steadily developing with ADL having a strong export market.  The current site tenancy is soon to expire, hence the need for new premises.

Mr Bedwell asked why one of the many empty sites around other junctions of the M20 could not be used instead of devastating yet more countryside.  It appears that this development will make a great deal of money for the sand extractors and security for one or two companies (none with employees from Hollingbourne) at the gross expense of  the Great Danes, Lenham Storage, Leeds Castle as major local employers, as well as farmers  and residents.  The potential for yet more congestion and traffic gridlock is too high a price to pay when the development also threatens yet another greenfield site.  The current additional traffic would be from 450 employees, with 600 predicted.  As the public transport from Marden would be unlikely to meet those 450 employees, it could safely be presumed that there would be almost that number of vehicles using the roads at peak times.

A consultation facility is available at www.watersidepark-maidstone.co.uk

7.             Clerk’s Report


The Clerk asked for clarification regarding the withdrawal of recycling facilities at the end of Station Road.  It was agreed to object to the loss as well as on behalf of the charities, simply because the sites would not be kept clean.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) are asking that residents alert them if they note that Fire Hydrants are becoming overgrown or obstructed.  There is a three to four year rolling maintenance programme and the Clerk has a map of hydrant locations throughout the Parish, but regrettably it is too small and will not enlarge to be able to identify locations accurately.

(NB  residents are asked not to lift or interfere in any way).

The Clerk drew attention to the Kenward Trust, a charity based in Kent and Sussex, who are offering volunteers a chance to participate in their Garden Enterprise Plant Nursery in Yalding.

Those interested should contact 01622 816087 and speak with Diane Jenner.

8.             County Councillor Report – via the Clerk

Mrs Whittle is submitting an application to  install a weight limit signage on the Bourne Bridge.

Two appeals for the Primary School supported by Mrs Whittle  were unsuccessful, due to statutory limits on infant size classes.

9.             Borough  Councillor Report   nil.




PC decision

MBC Decision



Bearsted Caravan Club

Ashford Road,

ME17 1XH

Introduction of 13  additional all weather caravan pitches and new access road






2, New Cottage

Upper Street

ME17 1UJ



A notification of works within Hollingbourne Conservation Area being the intention to crown thin 2 Beech (T1 and T2) by 15%,

Crown thin 3 trees (T11, T13, T20) by 10-15% to clear phone cables by 1m and to crown reduce 1Sycamore (T12) by 15%.





9 Athelstan Green

ME17 1UX

Ground floor side extension




Smiths Farm

Hollingbourne Hill

ME17 1QJ

Erection of  a shelter




The Old Vicarage

Upper Street

ME17 1UJ

Listed building consent application for alterations to fenestration to side elevation, internal alterations and entrance alterations





79 Eyhorne Street

ME17 1TS

Conservation Area  notification to reduce  and shape swamp cypress by about 40%




122 Eyhorne Street

Retrospective planning permission for installation fencing and creation of balcony





Land At Woodcut Farm, North of A20 and west of Musket Lane, Hollingbourne, Kent


Request for a Scoping Opinion in respect of an Environmental Statement




WTA = Wish to approve

DNWTO = Do Not Wish To Object

RNO = Raise No ObjectionTBA = To Be Announced

10.         Environmental Report            Dr Bauer asked if the Council would pay for someone to clear the excess vegetation around the British Gas site at the end of Eyhorne Street.  This was not supported as it was felt to set a precedent, and utility companies should be pressurised into maintaining their sites in keeping with the village.  Dr Bauer to contact.  It was noted that the pavements and footways are in a poor state of repair.  

11.         Finance Report

It was resolved that the cheques should be signed, a list of cheques to be issued for expenditure having been circulated prior to the meeting, including payment for the interactive speed camera.

12.              Parks Report     

 Further re-seeding/surfacing at the Lance Memorial Field entrance is planned for September.  An application fee for the installation of a n additional notice board near the church is awaited, and a replacement board is required by the school.

13.        Fete Report. 

There will be an evaluation at 8.00pm  at the Dirty Habit on Monday 15th July,  to which all are warmly invited.

14.         Items for Information             nil


Date of next meeting         9th  September 2013 commencing at 7.30pm


Signed as a true record: