June 2009 Minutes.







Minutes of the Meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council

held on 8 June 2009 in the Cardwell Pavilion at 7.30pm


Present:  Mr M Bedwell (Chairman), Mr J Cobbett (Vice Chairman), Dr S Bauer, Mrs S Baxter, Mr A Ward, Mr A Williams.

Also in attendance: Ms E Lawrence (Clerk), Jenny Whittle, County Councillor and 3 members of the public.


1.         Apologies for Absence: Mrs Parvin, due to family illness.


2.         Declarations of Interest: There were no declarations of interest.

    There were no amendments to the Register of Interests


The Meeting was adjourned for 10 minutes public question time


3.         Approval of Minutes of last meeting (Circulated prior to meeting)


Page 1: Mrs S Baxter to be added as a member of the Environment Committee.

Page 1: Mr Ward is Chairman of the Parks Committee.

Page 3:   Item 14: line 6 should read…..another camera for improved….

Subject to these amendments, Mr Stephenson proposed that the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting and that they should be accepted, seconded by Mr Williams and carried. The Chairman duly signed the minutes.


4.         Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)


Mr Williams asked for an update on the meeting the Clerk had with Mr Rowland Little. The Clerk reported that they had met, Mr Little had seen the relevant documentation and following discussion with councillors, would be preparing a report for the Council to consider.

5.         Chairman’s Report


The Chairman expressed his thanks to ALL those who were involved in the Fete, for all their input and hard work in making it such an enjoyable day.  He also asked that while it was fresh in everyone’s minds, ideas were put forward for any improvements or additions for next year.  He wished to thank Hollingbourne Cricket Club for donating items for the raffle held on the Parish Council stall, as well as all the local businesses who had donated items as prizes.  He thanked Colin Cheetham for making and donating the stocks.  Ideas were sought for where they might be placed for all to see, rather than have them stored in the Pavilion.

The chairman and his wife have been invited to supper at Leeds castle before a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Mr Ward had attended, with the Chairman, a meeting of the Joint Parishes Group.  Mr Bedwell stated that it would be a burden for the village to continue to fight the KIG application, as although KCC and MBC were fighting all aspects of the application, there are certain aspects better fought by the parishes.  The consultant firm Luther Pendragon  have been appointed on a three month trial basis to support the Parishes.  The chairman stated that in order to contribute towards the costs, the Council could hold some fund-raising events, and he proposed starting with a Race Night.  The idea was seconded by Mr Williams and agreed by all.  Action: MB

Mr Bedwell had received a letter from two of the village Gardeners, which was dealt with during the public question time.  He reiterated that the efforts of all the Gardeners were appreciated by the Council, and he felt sure, by the whole village.  He thanked them on behalf of the Council and stated that any reimbursement in no way reflected the efforts they make.

Football Club – the difficulty of not having a changing room has been raised, and enquiries made about the possibility of having a portacabin sited for that purpose.  The council agreed in principle, with the Planning Committee to check on regulations.  Action:FS


6.         Finance Report


Mr Cobbett proposed that the cheques for expenditure (previously circulated) be signed, seconded by Mr Williams and agreed.  He outlined the expenditure so far this year, totalling just under £6,400 to date.  At the suggestion of the internal auditor, it had been suggested to move the accounts to the true fiscal year, i.e. April to March.  This was agreed.

The Clerk reported that the Audit commission had returned the accounts for 2007/8.

The Annual submission for the year ending 31 March 2009 was presented for signature.

The Clerk reported that the following items have been added to the Asset register : 

Tug of War rope, laptop, new bench.


7.         Clerks report 


The Clerk reported that there have been two expression of interest in the Councillor vacancy, and that she is in the process of checking the election procedure.

She presented a card made by the children at Pre-school thanking the Council for the new notice boards at the Cardwell Pavilion, which the Councillors appreciated.

All other items covered elsewhere on the agenda.


8.         CAP topic reports:


Crime – No crime report had been received, and Mr Cobbett  had nothing to report.

Traffic/parking – Dr Bauer had been made aware of instances of speeding through the village.  She was encouraged to obtain registration numbers where possible and details would be passed to the police.

Housing – Mr Stephenson reported that he had held discussions with an Affordable Housing company, and that a village survey of need would need to be held as the previous one was incomplete and now out-of-date.

School – Mrs Baxter is to meet with the school to discuss the extended services (schools) programme to further the possibilities of partnership working.  Mr Bedwell commented that he had been present at the recent soft-cricket event at Mote park and wished to congratulate the school on reaching the semi-finals and thank all those involved in making it such an enjoyable day.


9.         Parks Report   ( including Millennium Green)


Mr Ward presented background, with accounts, for the Millennium Green and an extensive discussion followed.  The Council wished to thank Barry Smith for all his hard work in keeping the green so attractive, but it is a large area for one person to manage and a call was made to all village gardeners – and to anyone willing and able to help, to get together and help with major tasks from time to time. 

Current trustees are Mr Huxford, Mr Smith, Mrs Stubbs and Mrs Fletcher.  Mrs Fletcher has expressed her wish to stand down.  Periods of office are for four years.  The lease is held in the names of Mr Williams and Mr Huxford, but the lease is due to be passed to the Official Custodian of Charities. 

Mr Ward outlined the aims of the Trust.  Robert Huxford remains as chair until Mr. Ward is satisfied all paperwork is in order with the trust. Mr Ward advised the PC of the current lack of finance in place for the Green to meet its annual insurance requirements etc. He also noted that the Parish Council originally committed sum of £500 per year from the Green records. The PC agreed to review further with option to consider becoming sole trustee of the Green.







Mr Ward expressed the need to establish some restrictions for hiring the Cardwell pavilion, e.g. maximum numbers, etc.  A list of contactors/suppliers needs to be drawn up for an annual “contract” for minor maintenance purposes.  Access to the storage room rented to the pre-school is required. Action: AW/Clerk

The possibility of changing the alarm system to summons key holders by mobile phone texts to be explored. Action: Clerk

The need for extending CCTV coverage and provision of improved outside lighting to be pursued.  Action: Clerk

Portable Appliance Testing is due : Action FS


Mr Bedwell wished to thank Moray Dennett who spent the whole day, much of it in torrential rain, helping to prepare the Lance Memorial Field and surrounding grounds for the Fete.  He has offered to continue to help with the upkeep of the grounds and remove the ivy from the trees.


It was proposed to make two councillors accountable for the safe keeping/release of the gazebos owned by the Council, namely Mr Bedwell and Mr Ward.  Agreed by all.  Mr Bedwell proposed writing to the WI to ask if they would consider making storage bags for the gazebos, to help safely store and protect them. Agreed by all. Action: Clerk

Mr Williams to further investigate the recent offer of two more gazebos for the Council and report back. Action: AW.




10.       Planning Report   (Applications received circulated prior to meeting)


Two applications had been received:



Erection of single flat roof front extension (Resubmission of MA/09/0266)

The Granary,

Smiths Farm, ME17 1QJ







Change of use of land from

agricultural to nature conservation

with the formation of wildlife pond

 Saywell Farm,


Wormshill, ME9 0EH


11.       Environment Report


Dr Bauer reported that the line of oak trees along the approach to the village at the Eyhorne Street end had all survived and that the line is complete.

Mr Williams had been asked to look into the sign at the edge of a field through which a footpath runs, the sign stating Beware of the Cattle.


12.       Borough Councillor’s Report            nil in the absence of Mrs Parvin


13.       KIG Update – see item 5. Mr. Bedwell noted that costs to the village for the next three months would be an additional £160.00 per month.

It was agreed that Mr. Bedwell/ Mr. Ward/ Dr Bauer would attend meetings of the Joint Parishes Group between them.  Mr. George Smith has been approached and has agreed to study relevant papers passed to him on behalf of the Council, and report back through the Clerk   .


14.       Correspondence List (circulated prior to meeting)