June 2010 Minutes.

Minutes of the meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council

Held on 14 June 2010  in the Cardwell Pavilion at 19.30


Present:  Mr A Ward (Vice-Chairman), Mr J Cobbett, Dr S Bauer, Mr G Bryan,

Mr F Stephenson,  Mr A Williams.


Also in attendance: Ms E Lawrence (Clerk), Mrs Whittle County Councillor, and   members of the public.

In the absence of Mr Bedwell, the meeting was Chaired by Mr. Ward.


1.        Apologies for AbsenceMr Bedwell (family matter), Mr Bryan (critical illness of close friend), Mrs Parvin (clash of commitments)


2.        Declarations of Interest: None


3.        Approval of Minutes of last meeting (Circulated prior to meeting) Mr Cobbett asked for a spelling correction, and then the minutes were agreed.


4.        Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)


§  Mr Cobbett asked Dr Bauer to send the full article on butterflies by email in order to publish on the website.

§  The purchase of as new bin to replace the damaged one by the bus stop at the Church was agreed. Clerk to order.

§  Dr Bauer welcomed the Clerk back and wished her a continued recovery.

§  The Councillor vacancy, to be filled by co-option was discussed.  The Clerk reported on behalf of the Chairman that several people had been in discussion with him.  It was decided that the Clerk should place notices with a closing date of 30th June for potential applicants to respond.  If necessary, an election could be held at the next meeting, or a sole applicant could be co-opted.

§  Mr Ward confirmed that the legal paperwork regarding the Millennium Green Trust has  been passed to the Legal Department at MBC, who will assist the Parish Council in taking over as corporate Trustee.  At that point, Mr Ward will re-register with the Charities Commission.


The meeting was adjourned for 10 minutes public question time, and reconvened with an agenda change to consider Planning Applications as the next item.


5.        Planning report – Mr. Stephenson



Change of use of 3 no. agricultural buildings to B1, B2 and B3 uses with associated yard and parking for occupation of existing tenants.

Hollingbourne Farm, Hollingbourne Hill, ME17 1QJ

It was noted that the Enforcement notice served was Due to expire at the end of  August.  Not all items listed in the Enforcement Notice had been corrected/attended to, and were also in the new proposal. Issues of traffic and the possibility of further industrial use of agricultural land on the site were discussed, and issues of noise and disturbance to immediate neighbours discussed. The Planning Committee recommended refusal of the current  application. were for the proposal, Dr Bauer, Messrs Cobbett and Ward against.

It was resolved to offer No Comment to the application. , Dr Bauer, Messrs Cobbett and Ward were for, Messrs. Williams and Stephenson against.



Planning application for erection of single storey extension to provide occupational therapy facilities and erection of pool enclosure.

77A, Eyhorne Street, Hollingbourne, ME17 1TS


The Planning Committee recommended refusal as the development extended beyond the village envelope, demonstrated a lack of visual amenity with additional parking also being an issue. Proposed by Mr Stephenson, seconded by Dr Bauer and carried unanimously.


6.         Chairman’s report


Mr. Ward returned to the issue of the Councillor vacancy, and the matter discussed further. He reiterated that a Councillors role was not to be taken lightly. The Clerk reported that people had arranged to see Mr Bedwell to find out more about  Councillors’ responsibilities and that in itself had taken time to arrange and it was acknowledged that Mr Bennett had offered to stand.   It was decided that the Clerk should place notices with a closing date of 30th June for potential applicants to respond.  If necessary, an election could be held, or a sole applicant be co-opted, hopefully before the end of the summer.

The Hollingbourne Dads v real Madras football tournament had been another enjoyable and successful weekend, with the Hollingbourne Dads winning the overall tournament, and thanks were extended to Alan Williams (Jr.) for his organisation.


7.        Crime report        The Clerk received a report from the Neighbourhood policing team:     

A male arrested for possession of drugs

Theft from motor vehicle in Musket lane

5 thefts from neighbouring villages.


As part of the North Downs Ward this month 5 speed checks sessions in Hollingbourne were carried out, checking vehicle speeds at various locations at various times of the day within the village [where health and safety allowed]. A very small handful of people were issued a warning, there had been no cause to issue any speeding ticket and/or fines. Although the police will continue to do one off speed checks they will no longer be addressing this as a PACT (Partners and Community Together) priority.

The North Downs area is currently suffering from incidents such as machinery thefts and daytime thefts and shed burglaries. Due to the increase in crime figures as a result of these thefts in this area, THEFTS will become the current PACT priority.


8.        Clerks report       The Clerk thanked the Council for the cards, flowers and good wished she had received since her surgery.  She hoped to return to her full responsibilities by the end of the month.


9.        County Councillors report          Mrs. Whittle complemented all involved in the organisation of the Fete.  She undertook to pursue the issue of the continued lack of signage re unsuitability for HGVs (excepting necessary traffic by local farm vehicles), the Clerk re-enforcing that these had been promised for at least four years.  Mrs Whittle thanked Mr Cobbett for taking the lead in getting windmill Lane resurfaced.  The national financial situation meant KCC faced cuts of £23 million.  Mr Stephenson asked if the public were to be actively  invited to make suggestions for potential savings.  Mrs whittle would report back.

The Education and  Families Directorate were to be restructured.

The Kent Messenger had reported that the decisions on re-routing public footpaths because of KIG proposals had been delayed.


10.    Borough Councillors report      Nil


11.     Finance report –  Mr. Cobbett  The final figures for the Fete were not yet available as not all expense claims had been made to the Clerk.

It was resolved to approve the expenditure (previously circulated).


12.     Parks report  – Mr. Ward        Nil of note not covered elsewhere on the agenda.


13.    Environment  report Dr. Bauer           Dr Bauer had received several telephone calls arising from her article in the Parish magazine.  It is planned to have an expert on Bees leading the next topic.

The overgrown hedges impeding the footpaths and pavements were reported:  the Clerk to write.


14.    Millennium Green Trust – Mr. Ward                 The Sensory Garden Scheme project is complete (including paperwork).  Thanks were extended to all who helped with the “backbreaking” preparatory work, especially the Roper and Baxter families and Mrs Ward.  Outstanding general work on the Millennium Green includes the flattening of the large mound at the back, and digging out an irrigation channel.  The hire of a digger at £65.00 for a day was approved (Mr Stephenson and Dr Bauer),


15.    Fete 2010             Mr. Bedwell had asked that everyone concerned be thanked for their contribution to a very successful day, seemingly enjoyed by all. Special thanks to Mr. Bryan and Mr. Dennison for their part in preparing for the day,  to Janice Butler and Rita Moon for the organization of the Parade through the village, to Rachel and Stuart Highsted for managing the parking and to Ursula Askew for sale of programmes. It was acknowledged that the amount of rubbish left on and around the field was a problem, to be considered by the Groupfor next year. The Clerk to circulate a date for the Steering Group to evaluate this year’s Fete.


16.    Items for Information    


§  Mr Williams highlighted the closing date of the Village of the Year Competition, and it was agreed that Dr Bauer would liaise with Mrs Baxter re last year’s entry and then take forward. 

§  Mr Cobbett informed the Council that he has been invited back to MBC to discuss the Equity release Scheme further and the signposting of their services.

§  Mr Stephenson reported that investigating potential savings by changing energy providers for street lighting had not shown any savings.


The meeting closed at 20.50.


Date of next meeting: Monday 12th July at 19.30