June 2017 Minutes.

The Minutes of the Hollingbourne Parish Council Meeting of  12th  June that were approved at the Parish Council Meeting in the Cardwell Pavilion on 10th July 2017.

Minutes of the meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council monthly meeting held on Monday 12th June 2017, in the Cardwell Pavilion, Hollingbourne, commencing at 7.30 pm.


Present:           Mr M Bedwell (Chairman), Mr J Cobbett, Mr D Ardley, Mr A Bennett and Mr S Hulme

In attendance:             Mr Patrik Garten (arrived late) and Mrs V. Smith – Parish Clerk.


  1. Apologies for absence: Dr S Bauer (illness), Mr Patrik Garten, MBC (arriving late due to work commitments), Mr A Ward (previous engagement), Mr M Gray, PCSO Dave Rowley (work commitments) and Cllr Mrs Shellina Prendergast (illness – apology received following day)


  1. Declarations and Requests

Declaration of Changes to the Register of Interests – none; Declaration of Interest in items on the Agenda – none; Requests for Dispensations – none


  1. Approval of minutes of last meeting (circulated prior to meeting)

It was resolved that the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting, but needed further clarification in items:

7.b. The Parish Council policies and procedures are under discussion between Cllr S Hulme and the Clerk.

7.c.  Cllr S Hulme advised that the Parish Councillors need to look at the responsibilities of each committee and it is still under discussion whether an Infrastructure Committee is required.


  1. Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda) –

All matters on agenda (Railway Station & Maidstone BC draft Local Plan).


  1. Chairman’s Report.
  2. Cllr M Bedwell thanked everyone for their help at the village fete which was a great success. So many people helped including those involved in the ground-works, car park supervision and of course all of the visitors who attended including friends from Templeuve.  The fete was fantastic and we have had very good responses from those who attended the event.  At one point in the day the car park attendants had run out of parking spaces for the visitors and it is thought that there were approximately a thousand people at the fete!  The Parish Council would like to thank the whole of the community for their support.
  3. On a more sombre note, it was evident that Ms Elaine Lawrence, who had previously faithfully served the Parish Council as the Clerk, had a great many people attending her funeral and wake at the Dirty Habit PH, which was really a celebration of her life. Elaine was a very kind and thoughtful lady who tirelessly put others first.  Her works with children truly touched many hearts and Elaine will be deeply missed.
  4. Cllr M Bedwell mentioned that Hospital Road had been closed. Ironically, the contractors could not access the road due to excessive fly-tipping and neither could they close the road to carry out the works.
  5. A former resident of Hollingbourne has announced on his website plans for a multi-media academy and heliport on Woodcut Farm and had emailed information to various villagers. The Parish Council have been advised by the owners of Woodcut Farm that the person has not spoken to them about this matter and “there is no credibility about this story whatsoever”.
  6. The A20 roundabout is dangerous for all road-users because vehicles are just not giving way to one another. It is essential that broken white lines are reinstated or ‘give way’ signs placed in the area of the roundabout.  Cllr Ardley said that this is a Police matter more than anything as road-users are not adhering to the Highway Code.  The Clerk will contact the Police and Highways with regards to this matter.  Action:  The Clerk
  7. Cllr M Bedwell had received information regarding flying the Red Ensign flag for Merchant Navy Day, 3rd September 2017. The United Kingdom depend heavily on the Merchant Navy for the supply of food, fuel and other imports.  The Parish Council decided that they would not pursue the event this year due to time constraints but would like to revisit this matter at a later date.  Cllr A Bennett proposed this decision, and Cllr J Cobbett seconded the decision.  The Clerk will write to Seafarers UK with regards to this event and ask to remain on their mailing lists.  Action:  The Clerk
  8. Cllr Dr Susan Bauer really liked the flowers and get well wishes given to her by the Parish Council and she is getting better all of the time.


  1. Crime Report – PCSO Dave Rowley (via email)
  2. The Hollingbourne crime figures 8th May – 5th June 2017. Six crime reports were created this month being 13th May – Junction 8 Services – criminal damage, 16th May & 19th May – Junction 8 Services – made off without paying, 17th May – Junction 8 Services – theft, 3rd June – Pilgrims Way – burglary and 4th June – Pilgrims Way – attempted burglary.  The two incidents on the Pilgrims Way, the Police believe, are related.  A vehicle has been seized and investigations continue.  There were no calls made to the Police in relation to anti-social behaviour.
  3. At the previous parish meeting it was mentioned that a burglary had taken place in Hospital Road on the 13th April 2017. The burglary had been investigated and CSI officers attended and found a number of fingerprints on the bonnet of the moved vehicle.  The Police are awaiting results of the forensic tests.
  4. PCSO Dave Rowley informed the Parish Council that he had been accepted for a new role within Kent Police. At this time he is awaiting a start date and this could be as early as July.  Dave will of course let the Parish Council know when this happens but would like to thank the members for all of their support over the last few years and hope that he has been of help and support to the residents of Hollingbourne.  PCSO Dave Rowley most certainly has helped the Parish Council and the villagers in a huge way and we will miss him greatly.


  1. Clerk’s Report  –
  2. The Clerk briefly updated the Parish Councillors on the funding agreed for the playground refurbishment, but wished to leave this item for Cllr A Ward to discuss at the next Parish Meeting as he has worked so hard in progressing the matter.


  1.      County Councillor’s Report – nothing to report.


  1.      Borough Councillor’s Report – Cllr Patrik Garten (item moved upon agenda)
  2. Cllr P Garten apologised for attending the meeting late, but this was unavoidable. The news from the Maidstone BC was that following the General Election the meetings had been established for the year.
  3. Cllr P Garten is in contact with the villager at the end of Windmill Lane who is changing the use of his barn. It would be prudent to first look up the historical planning of the property as we need to see the application first, before Maidstone Planning Committee can make a decision.


  1. Planning Report – Cllr A Bennett
  2. 17/502595/LAWPRO – Hollingbourne Property Services Ltd, Eyhorne Green, Musket Lane

Proposal:  Lawful development certificate (proposed) for erection of single storey kitchen extension.

Decision:  ‘Do not wish to object’.  Proposed:  Cllr A Bennett – all in Councillors in agreement.

  1. Update: 17/502331/OUT – Land at Woodcut Farm, Ashford Road, Hollingbourne

Proposal:  Outline application for a mixed commercial development comprising B1(a), B1(b), B1(c) and B8 units, with a maximum floor space of 45,295 square metres (Access being sought) (Resubmission of 15/503288/OUT).

Cllr A Bennett reported that a fresh outline application had been submitted by Roxhill for the land at Woodcut Farm.  The new application covers the same area and the buildings are smaller and not as high, but more in number.  Cllr M Bedwell is very interested in seeing how it differs from the original plans.  However, there has been an interesting development and road safety grounds have never been mentioned at the planning committees with regards to this planning proposal but Cllr Mrs S Prendergast, who as well as being the Kent County Councillor is also on the planning committee, has advised that the Kent Highways department need to find highways and road safety objections.  KCC have seen that this is an unpopular plan and it needs a final decision quickly.  It would be useful to recruit additional support from Leeds Castle, the Bearsted Caravan Club site and CPRE (Campaign To Protect Rural England).  The Parish Council needs to firmly stand in objection to the planning development and is working alongside the Joint Parishes Group in this matter.


  1. Maidstone BC Draft Local Plan – Cllr A Bennett
  2. Cllr A Bennett responded to the Maidstone BC Draft Local Plan on behalf of the Parish Council, but due to time restraints was unable to let the other Parish Councillors view the response before it was sent to the Maidstone BC. Upon the response was highlighted the Parish Councillors concerns over the lack of the infrastructure on the Local Plan together with the shift in housing needs.  There is insufficient detail on the Local Plan and an assumption that the housing market is going to still be buoyant.  Cllr J Cobbett agrees that this matter will need to be revisited after governmental changes.
  3. Environmental Report
  4. Following recent events with a property and flooding in the village, it was discovered that the Kent County Council is responsible for problems resulting from surface water flooding. Cllr D Ardley did point out that it would be very wise for householders who own properties that are positioned below the pavement level to protect their property from flooding.  There are many suggestions on how to do this on the internet, etc.
  5. Cardwell Pavilion (bookings past and present) – Cllr M Bedwell
  6. With regards to Cllr D Ardley’s recent email concerning the Cardwell Pavilion it was noted that sadly recent hirers had left the hall in a mess. It is questionable whether the hall will be hired out to this organisation again.
  7. Cllr M Bedwell had spoken to the Returning Officer present at a recent Polling Day, who had advised that disabled access to the hall was difficult as they had experienced trouble trying to open the double doors of the building for wheelchairs. Cllr M Bedwell has now repaired the door so that it opens and closes easily.
  8. Cllr D Ardley is concerned that the gates to the Lance Memorial Field and the Cardwell Pavilion are left unlocked by hirers. It is really important that the area is kept secure and the Parish Council respectfully ask that hirers do not leave without locking the gate.


  1. Parks Report (Millennium Green) – Cllr Ward will report next month.


  1. Defibrillator(s) for the village – Cllr J Cobbett

The Clerk will contact the Landlords initially, and then the licensees of the village pubs to see if they would be willing to have a defibrillator installed on the outside of their buildings.  Cllr S Hulme asked whether we have justified having defibrillator(s) in the village and that the Parish Council asks for a Freedom of Information Request from the NHS to see about figures and their success in using the defibrillators.  Cllr M Bedwell recommended that the Parish Council also contact St John’s Ambulance, or The Red Cross to see what they would recommend for a village like Hollingbourne.  They would also be able to give us information about defibrillator success rate, etc.  Also, the Parish Council need a population analysis for Hollingbourne and reassurance that the local population want the defibrillators.  This is an ongoing issue and we need more information before a decision is made.  Action:  The Clerk – to find out where we could put the defibrillators and their success rate.


  1. Station Approach & Railway Station –
  2. The Clerk has emailed the Hollingbourne Railway Station Master about when the new sim card would be delivered to the ‘help point’ and confirmation of new cameras erected around the station, which have been installed since the meeting with the station master. The Clerk is waiting for a response and will chase the matter up.  Action:  The Clerk



  1. Off-Road Motorcyclists and Quad Bikes – nothing to report.


  1. Fête Report – Cllr D Ardley
  2. Cllr D Ardley was very glad to report that the Meadows Trust charity had made £530 at the fete this year. We do not know how much the other charity stalls made but feel sure that they had a successful day too.  The Clerk will total up the Parish Council funds for the fete.
  3. Unfortunately, one of the stallholders struggled with collapsing the gazebo they had borrowed, forced it shut and broke it. An invoice for the replacement of the gazebo will be forwarded to them as the stallholders declined help in closing it safely.  An address will be sought from the stall co-ordinator to forward the invoice to.  Action:  The Clerk


  1. Twinning with Templeuve-en-Pévèle – Cllr J Cobbett
  2. Cllr Cobbett advised that twenty-seven of our friends from Templeuve had visited the Hollingbourne fete and it was wonderful to see them. The golfing event was taking place on the 26th June in Templeuve, but sadly the event before it was not taking place due to the clash of the events.  There is a suggestion of a tennis tournament which would be fun.  Cllr J Cobbett feels that the twinning events may wind down if the invitation to attend them is not extended to neighbouring villages.


  1. Financial Report –
  2. The cheques at the meeting were authorised, and there is £42,518 in the bank, and the end of year accounts have been sent to the external auditor following the public Finance Meeting held on the 5th June 2017.



Date of next meeting: Monday 10th July 2017, 7.30 pm, Cardwell Pavilion, Hollingbourne





Signed as a true record:                       Chairman:                                      Date: