KCC Highways decline to relace bollard which keeps pavement safe for pedestrians.

Kent County Council Highways have declined to replace an Eyhorne Street pavement bollard that was damaged by an Army lorry in June because it had previously been damaged in a separate incident in May. Since the June incident the Eyhorne Street pavement which was previously blocked by the bollard has been regularly used by vehicles that put the safety of pedestrians at risk.

The matter has been raised with KCC Highways by Hollingbourne Parish Council and local residents while local KCC Councillor Shellina Prendergast has been asked to review the decision.

The bollard is at the corner of Eyhorne Street and the Windmill Lane Public Footpath (KH199) and the Army lorry damaged the bollard whilst trying to turn into the Lane. The bollard has been damaged previously and in June 2017 an accident involving a car and the house on the corner resulted in 13 months of repairs and an ongoing legal dispute between insurers.

Pictured below (top) is the Army lorry in June 2019, the bollard in May 2019 (middle) and a pedestrian on the pavement from 2016 (bottom).

The Army lorry backing out of Windmill Lane on a second attempt after damaging the bollard on the left on the first attempt.
The damaged wooden bollard in Eyhorne Street on 17th May 2019.
A peacock on the pavement in Eyhorne Street in August 2016. It was believed to be a visitor from Leeds Castle.