Keep an eye out for mud on the Eyhorne Street roadway and on the pavement!

Hollingbourne Parish Council has received reports of large amounts of mud on the B2149/C603 as it runs down from Godfrey House through the Eyhorne Street Conservation Area. There is also mud on the pavement and residents have complained that they cannot cross the road or get into their homes without getting their shoes dirty. 

Tania Shillingford of Christopher’s Village Shop has reported that some customers have unwittingly brought mud into the shop which has had to be swept out several times. The mud on the road can make it slippery and potentially dangerous for drivers.

At the moment several large vehicles are using the road in order to access the Fernham Homes housing development site between Godfrey House and Claygates. The road will be closed to through traffic on Sunday 3rd February in order that the site can be connected to mains services. Fernham Homes are aware of the mud.

The road will also be closed to through traffic on Sunday 13th January at the corner by the Vicarage so that the new development at the end of the Shaw can be connected to mains services.

Earlier this week on Tuesday evening (8th January) traffic through Eyhorne street was temporarily restricted while a mobile home was taken away from Snagbrook House on to the A20. It is understood that the width of the home meant that it took all day to get it out of the grounds of Snagbrook House and that it required the removal of a number of fences.

Pictured below is the Eyhorne Street section of the B2149/C603 between Claygate and Godfrey House at the entrance to the Fernham Homes Brickfields Close development. 

Mud on the road outside the Fernham Homes development in January 2019.
The entrance to the Fernham Homes development in Hollingbourne in January 2019.

Prior to Christmas the streetlight opposite the Fernham Homes site was damaged during the night on the 20th and 21st December and the Parish Council is still seeking information about the incident. More details are at 

Hollingbourne Parish Council has been advised that the cost of repairs will be slightly in excess of £2000 so any information about the incident would be welcome. If you have any relevant information please contact the Parish Clerk (Tel 880526) or any member of the Parish Council.

Pictured below is the streetlight outside the Fernham Homes building site after the incident and prior to removal.

The damaged streetlight opposite Brickfields Close in December 2018.