Kent Resilience Forum issues emergency planning packs for households and businesses without any mention of Brexit!

Hollingbourne Parish Council, in common with other Kent Parish Councils, has received emergency planning packs published by the Kent Resilience Forum. They have been distributed by the Kent Association of Local Councils. The documents do not mention Brexit and last month a more substantial document was circulated last month by the Kent Resilience Forum which was then withdrawn after a request to share it with local residents. It is understood that another document will be issued next week.

The Kent Resilience Forum website is at

The documents that have just been received, which will be considered at the next Parish Council meeting, can be downloaded as follows:-

Be Ready for business at Be-Ready-BC-checklist.pdf (95 downloads)

Household Emergency Plan at Household-Emergency-Plan-Leaflet.pdf (100 downloads)

More local information about Brexit and links to official documents are at

Pictured below is the M20 with the London bound side ready for carrying traffic in both directions if the coastbound side is used for storing 2000 lorries awaiting Customs at Dover and Eurotunnel if and when the UK leaves the EU Customs Union. Some 17% of the UK trade in goods goes through Dover with a further 13% going via Eurotunnel and most of it passes through Hollingbourne on the M20, the A20, HS1, or the South East trains line which makes the Hollingbourne transport corridor to be strategically important for all of the UK. 

The M20 from the Eyhorne Street bridge showing the new Operation Brock steel barrier – February 2019.

In the event of a no deal Brexit lorries will be able to travel to the EU up to the end of 2019. After 2019 lorry operations will have to apply for one of the 984 annual ECMT permits or one of the 2832 monthly ones. These permits will allow UK lorry drivers to travel through up to three countries but only make up to three deliveries in one of the countries. At the present time over 10,000 lorries a day cross the Channel via Dover plus another 6000 through  the Channel Tunnel with most coming through Hollingbourne at some point. If the limits on the number of permits were to be enforced it is expected that the M20 might become much quieter!