Labrador reportedly poisoned by rat poison inside bread on Hollingbourne Green. – UPDATED.

This afternoon Kloot the Labrador, belonging to Gill Hall of Upper Street, was poisoned by some rat poison inside bread on while out walking somewhere on grass between Tanyard Green and Upper Street. An unconfirmed report suggest that similar looking pieces of bread have been seen on the Millennium Green. The dog has been taken to the vet for treatment and no more information is available at present.

Dog owners are asked to watch out for poison or odd food items around the village and a picture appears below of the reported poison and the bread. More information to follow.

UPDATE at 9pm on 12th December. – Kloot is responding to treatment but will be on medication for a fortnight. The bread was left on the Millennium Green and dog owners are advised to keep their dogs on leads whilst walking around the Hollingbourne.

A subsequent unconfirmed report that has been received indicates that the red pellets may have been red berry bird suet which had been left out for the birds. This has been subsequently confirmed as bird food which was left in a public place.

Rat poison disguised as bread found in the Hollingbourne Millennium Green in December 2018.