Lamb mauled in field at rear of Godfrey House.

Hollingbourne Meadows Trust has reported that one of the lambs in the field at the rear of Godfrey House next to Hollingbourne Meadows Trust land has been mauled by an unknown animal which is thought to have been a dog. The rear left leg is damaged.

A similar attack occurred a few years ago when there was speculation that it might have been a dog or one of the large black cats that are rumoured to be at large on the North Downs. In that incident the sheep concerned did not survive. There has been anecdotal evidence that a large cat has been seen in Hollingbourne some years ago but no photographs exist. Apparently each animal occupies a territory of about 30 square miles and they are very rarely seen in the day time.

The Meadows Trust is requesting that dog owners keep a close eye on their dogs when exercising them on the Meadows Trust land.

The website of the Hollingbourne Meadows Trust is

Pictured below is the Meadows Trust land with the field on the right where the incident occurred.

Hollingbourne Meadows Trust land.