Leeds Castle fireworks noise complaint receives little sympathy from Maidstone Borough Council.

On the evenings of 3rd and 4th November Leeds Castle held their annual public fireworks display and Hollingbourne Parish Council received complaints about the noise from the fireworks and the pop music that was playing. Other private fireworks shows at the Castle during the summer months have caused complaints about the noise and distress to pets and other animals. 

A Pilgrim’s Way resident, who lives some two miles from the Castle, and who complained direct to Maidstone Borough Council has received the following reply:

I refer to your complaint of noise nuisance coming from Leeds Castle during the Firework Spectacular weekend.

Having looked into the matter further, it would appear that noise from Fireworks, especially during the year most closely associated with Fireworks (Bonfire night, New year, Diwali and Chinese new Year celebrations) would not be of a sufficient duration or frequency to meet the criteria of a statutory nuisance.

Whilst I understand that fireworks displays or celebrations may cause considerable annoyance or distress whilst they are occurring, they usually last no more than 30 minutes and occur only a few times per year.

To meet the test for a statutory nuisance, the noise would need to be of a regular nature, or a prolonged duration and occur at a time of day which could be seen as unreasonable. Unfortunately, we could not apply these principles in this case.

Should there be a re occurrence of this nuisance and you wish us to take further action, we would require you to complete incident record sheets which will help us to decide if there is evidence to progress an investigation.

We would require these incident record sheets to be completed over a period of time (usually two weeks) and with enough details to allow us to assess how to best progress your enquiry. Once these sheets have been returned to us, we may then decide to install noise monitoring equipment at your property to capture evidence of the nuisance with a view to taking more formal action

I have attached incident record sheets* for your use should this be appropriate.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please feel free to contact me by return of email, or via the number detailed below.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Once again, thank your for your enquiry.

Best regards

Steve Noble

Senior Community Protection Officer

Maidstone Borough Council, King Street, Maidstone, Kent ME15 6JQ

t ­01622 602413 w www.maidstone.gov.uk

The Incident Record Sheet can be downloaded at  Incident-Record-Sheet.doc (42 downloads)

The matter has been refered to local MBC Councillor Patrik Garten who can be contacted at PatrikGarten@Maidstone.gov.uk

Pictured below are some of the fireworks which caused complaints.