Local KCC Councillor to press for action on Upper Street flooding.

Local KCC Councillor Shellina Prendergast is to press Kent County Council Highways for action on the flooding after heavy rain which occurs at the junction of Upper Street and Church Approach. The matter has already been reported to KCC Highways by local residents at least five times.

KCC Highways yesterday managed to clear the tree roots from the blocked road drain outside of Godfrey House in Eyhorne Street which has resulted in a constant stream of water flowing across the B2163/C603 for some months. The water has now stopped.

Southern Water are yet to request a road closure of the B2163/C603 from KCC Highways in order that they can repair the “clanking manhole” in the middle of the road outside Godfrey House. It is understood that a road closure order requires 12 weeks notice which means that the manhole is unlikely to be repaired until the autumn. Meanwhile a hole in the road surface has started to appear next to the manhole on the railway bridge side.

South East Water are yet to fixed a date for the twice delayed repairs to the road at the junction of Tilefields and Eyhorne Street. It is understood that they have been unable to arrange for the roadway to be cleared of cars in order to erect temporary traffic lights. Hollingbourne Parish Council has provided  KCC Highways who are overseeing the works with information about the cars that are regularly parked in the area.

Pictured below earlier this week is the lake at the junction of Church Approach and Upper Street. (Picture by Andrew Brown).