Local PCSO invited to attend Upper Street site meeting following series of accidents.

Yesterday morning a front wall was damaged in Upper Street by a passing vehicle. This is the latest incident where buildings and walls have been damaged by vehicles in Upper Street which is narrow in places with only a part pavement on one side. Local PCSO Daniel Genn has advised Hollingbourne Parish Council that Upper street is too narrow to set up a speed check with sufficient space at the side of the road for an officer with a speed gun and a police vehicle. Requests from the Parish Council for action to be taken by Kent County Council over a number of years have fallen on deaf ears despite a series of accidents. There have also been complaints about parking and the fact that there is no pavement all the way from All Saints’ Church to the bottom of Hollingbourne Hill.

Following the latest incidents, the Parish Council has asked PCSO Daniel Genn for a site meeting to consider the matter further. The Parish Council has been advised by local MBC and KCC Councillors that incidents should be reported to the Police via their website at https://www.kent.police.uk/

Upper Street is the B2163/C603 and is a major link over the North Downs between Sittingbourne, the A20, and the M20 at Junction 8.

Even if the motorist concerned can be identified it can take a long time to obtain closure. An incident involving a car and a house in Eyhorne Street in June 2017 resulted in over a year of repair work and is due to result in a court case scheduled for January 2020.

Pictured below is some of the property damage in the Upper Street Conservation Area caused by traffic which often does not stop. (Pictures by Tania Shillingford).

Damage to garden wall in September 2019.
Damage to Upper Street Bollard in September 2019.
Damage to front wall in Upper Street October 2019.
Traffic squeezing past the Dirty Habit in Upper Street October 2019.
Pedestrians walking past the Malt House in Upper Street in October 2019.