Locked Hollingbourne station footpath to be widened.

The new Hollingbourne station footpath alongside the down platform which was built almost a year ago in order to replace the foot crossing just to the west of the station is to be widened at the request of Kent County Council and Network Rail. The footpath has never been used and the steps in the footpath are being replaced to allow wheelchair access although it is nigh impossible to reach the footpath from the up platform because the only way of crossing the line is via a footbridge. Additionally the footpath leads into a field where wheelchair use may be difficult.

Hollingbourne Parish Council has not been informed or consulted about the present works which include the cutting back and removal of trees. No information is available about the cost of these works which must run into thousands of pounds and this report is based on verbal information provided by workmen on site. No information is available about the actual opening date of the new footpath or the closure of the old crossing.

Pictured below (top)  is the locked gate on the down platform which is to be moved closer to the footbridge, (middle) is the new footpath before the works started showing the steps which are being replaced with a ramp, and (bottom) is the traditional footpath crossing which is being replaced which is generally only used by ramblers and dog walkers.

The locked footpath gate on the down platform at Hollingbourne Station. This will be moved closer to the footbridge.
The new footpath with railings leading from the station to the old public footpath. The wooden steps are being removed as well as much of the vegetation.
The view towards London with the old footpath still open across the electrified lines.