Looking to recycle your empty crisp packets? – and other January news in brief (updated through the month).

If you are moved by the Walkers Crisps scheme to recycle your old crisp packets (and much else) and want to do  it locally, then the Ethos Shop in Brewer Street in Maidstone can help you. Please Read More for further information.

The website of the Ethos shop which sells everyday items in compostable and recyclable bags is at http://www.ethosmaidstone.co.uk/


Tickets are going fast for the Hollingbourne Pantomime of Rapunzel next month!

Please below for the show’s poster or you can book online at https://www.boxofficediva.com/

Hollingbourne Pantomime poster for 2019.


Maidstone Citizen’s Advice Bureau which serves Hollingbourne has announced the retirement of their long standing CEO.

The Maidstone CAB , a registered charity, helps around 15,000 – 20,000 local residents each year and is based in Bower Terrace on the Tonbridge Road. It also provides advice at the Town Hall in the centre of Maidstone and elsewhere in the Borough. Please Read More for further details.

Moving On

Bonny Malhotra, Chief Executive of the Citizens Advice Bureau in Maidstone has announced that he will be retiring at the end of June 2019. As Chief Executive Bonny has led the Maidstone Bureau for over 20 years to become one of the most successful Citizen Advice Bureaux in the country.

Bonny said “When I first arrived at Maidstone Bureau in June 1998, I little expected to find a job, a Bureau and a community that would still be engaging my enthusiasm 21 years later! The work has been an exciting mixture of opportunities, setbacks, challenges and successes, always demanding the best that I and my Trustees, staff and volunteers could give. I am proud to have been a part of a team which has been so wholehearted in helping and speaking up for Maidstone. Whilst retiring as Chief Executive Officer, I will continue to support the vital role of the Bureau in our community”. Chairman of the Bureau Trustee Board, Rob Bird, said “Bonny has been an inspirational and dedicated advocate for those who find themselves disadvantaged throughout the Borough of Maidstone. Through his leadership and vision, the Bureau has provided an excellent service for Maidstone residents which has been recognised at a national level. He will be very hard to replace.”

The website of Maidstone CAB is https://www.maidstonecab.org.uk/


Damaged Streetlight could cost Hollingbourne over £2000.

Hollingbourne Parish Council is keen to find out who was responsible for the damage to the Eyhorne Street streetlight that was damaged just before Christmas as the cost of repairs is expected to exceed £2000 which will be borne by local residents unless a successful insurance claim is made or the person or persons responsible contribute to the cost. Anybody who has relevant information should contact the Parish Clerk (Tel 880526) or any member of the Parish Council.

Please see below for a picture of the damaged streetlight before removal by Streetlights UK who maintain Hollingbourne’s lights on behalf of the Parish Council.

The damaged streetlight in Hollingbourne looking down Eyhorne Street in December 2018.


The Maidstone Mercure Hotel, formerly known as the Great Danes, in Hollingbourne is holding a wedding fair on Sunday 20th January and more information is at https://www.weddingfairs.com/fairs/mercure-great-danes-maidstone-wedding-fair-20th-january-2019 . All Saints Church in Hollingbourne offers wedding services and more details are available from the Team Vicar for the Pilgrim’s Way Parishes, the Reverend Paul Kite (Tel 880244) or revkite@btinternet.com

Pictured below is the entrance to the church (top) and the interior (below).

All Saint’s Hollingbourne Church in Hollingbourne.
The interior of All Saint’s Church in Hollingbourne.


Snow fell briefly for the first time this winter between 9am and 10am on Thursday 17th January. The rest of the day was cold and sunny. UPDATE – Snow also fell briefly on the morning of 24th January. For weather updates from Hollingbourne’s own weather station please go to http://www.hollingbourneweather.co.uk/HOLLINGBOURNE_WEATHER/Welcome.html

Templeuve has delayed their planned meeting on 18th January to consider the future of the Twinning Agreement with Hollingbourne in 2013 because of the death of the sister of the Mayor, Luc Monnet, who has visited Hollingbourne several times. Members of the Hollingbourne Twinning Committee have sent their condolences and the date of a further meeting is awaited.

Greenway Court Road is subject to an emergency closure for around two days from 16th January in order that a water leak can be repair. The closure notice from KCC Highways may be downloaded at  Public-Notice-Greenway-Court-Road.doc (39 downloads) . Eyhorne Street will be closed to through traffic on 3rd February to allow services to be provided to the Fernham Homes development site. No prices have yet been advertised for the 12 new houses which will not include any “affordable” ones.

The Church Recording Group of the Mid Kent Arts Society is to present a Record of Hollingbourne Church at the 9.30am service in All Saints’ on Sunday 17th March. More information about the project which has been supervised by Bruce Rylands, Chair of the North Downs Benefice which includes Hollingbourne can be viewed here.


New members welcome!

Hollingbourne Book Group which has been going for 14 years is seeking new members. It usually meets on the third Thursday evening of each month in a the house of one of the members. For more information please contact Barbara Lloyd  Tel 880282.

Pictured below is the current book being read by the Group.

January 2019 selection of the Hollingbourne Book Group.


On Tuesday 22nd January BBC South East Today reported from Hollingbourne on possible local traffic issues caused by Operation Brock on the M20 if the UK leaves the Customs Union after Brexit. Kent County Council has reportedly told schools that there may be travel problems for staff and pupils after Brexit and a number of parents were interviewed outside Hollingbourne CP School.

Organisations across Kent including all local Councils including Hollingbourne Parish Council, have received a briefing document, initially in confidence, about the possible effects of Brexit on the county from the Kent Resilience Forum. More information is at https://www.kentonline.co.uk/kent/news/government-advised-councils-how-to-avoid-revealing-brexit-info-197555/ . There may be traffic issues along the A20 and M20 corridor because of plans to store 2000 lorries on the coastbound side of the M20 from Junction 8 to Junction 9 as part of Operation Brock. Media reports suggest that it may be necessary to store up to 27,000 lorries on both sides of the Channel after Brexit if the UK leaves the EU Customs Union. During Operation Stack in 2015 when there were delays at Calais for over 30 days, local businesses suffered and there were traffic problems in Eyhorne Street. A picture from 2015 appears below.

Eyhorne Street during Operation Stack in 2015.