M2 Junction 5 Improvements Scheme

We have received the below news from the Project Manager for Highways England.


Highways England need to undertake some environmental work for the proposed M2 Junction 5 scheme this March. This is so that we can relocate the local dormice and establish trees and hedging next year in March 2021, if we receive planning consent for the scheme.

These early works will involve building a new habitat for local dormice and planting small trees, shrubs, creating log piles and branch piles. Undertaking this work will enable sufficient growth of the habitat and natural corridors, allowing Highways England to obtain a license from Natural England for 2021.

The scheme go ahead is still subject to the Public Inquiry which starts on 28 April 2020 followed by the Secretary of State decision. For more details on the scheme details and the public inquiry see our webpage www.highwaysengland.co.uk/projects/m2-junction- 5improvements.

The work will require closing of the hard shoulders on and off the M2 slip roads, as necessary. We aim to mobilise on 24 February and begin work on site on 2 March until 17 April 2020. The work will take place in the daytime 8am until 6pm.

The proposed improvements to the M2 Junction 5 include the following;

  • Existing roundabout to be replaced with a flyover, to provide free-flowing

    movement on the A249;

  • The addition of two new dedicated free-flowing slip roads: A left turn for traffic

    travelling from the A249 southbound to the M2 westbound and a left turn from the

    A249 northbound to the M2 eastbound;

  • The existing connection from the Maidstone Road to the A249 Stockbury

    Roundabout to be closed, and Maidstone Road to be re-routed to link with Oad


  • The existing junction of Oad Street with the A249 to be closed. A new link to be

    provided south of the existing Oad Street to connect directly with the A249

    Stockbury Roundabout; and

  • The Honeycrock Hill junction with the A249 to be closed for safety reasons.