Maidstone Borough Council calls for more development sites.

Hollingbourne Parish Council has received the following message from Maidstone Borough Council who are seeking more sites for possible development in the Borough. The closing date for suggestions 24th May 2019.

Hollingbourne Parish Council has previously had reservations about further development in the area without appropriate investment in infrastructure including better services including public transport. Already local roads are very busy and commuter trains packed while the long delayed Leeds and Langley bypass has resulted in local traffic jams because of the volume of traffic on the B2149. Developers in Hollingbourne have had to contend with capacity problems on the village sewerage system with the result that foul water from Godfrey Meadow is stored before pumping out over night.

Maidstone Local Plan Review – Call for Sites

Maidstone Borough Council is starting its Local Plan Review, following the adoption of the Maidstone Borough Local Plan in 2017. An important early step in the process is a ‘Call for Sites’.
The Call for Sites is an open request for information about land and sites which may have development potential in the future. It is particularly aimed at landowners, developers and their agents but it is open to anyone to submit a site. A key proviso is that the person submitting the site can confirm that the landowner is willing to make the land available for development should it prove suitable.

We are asking for information about land which could be suitable for the following uses;

• Housing, including specialist housing such as housing for the elderly
• Employment uses – offices, research & development, industrial uses and storage & distribution
• Retail
• Leisure e.g. hotels, gyms, cinemas
• Gypsy & Traveller/Travelling Showpeople accommodation
• Nursing and care homes

Importantly, submitting a site through the Call for Sites does not mean that it will prove suitable for inclusion in the Local Plan Review or that it will get planning permission in the future. Its important purpose is to give the council a starting list of candidate sites to consider.
If you have a site you would like to tell us about, more information about the Call for Sites is available through the following link on the council’s website We have prepared an information pack which provides supporting information, including a dedicated New Garden Communities Prospectus as guidance for those wishing to promote large scale new neighbourhoods or settlements. Please use the dedicated submission form available on the website as this will give us the information we need to assess the site.
The Call for Sites will open on Thursday 28th February 2019. The deadline for submitting sites is 5pm Friday 24th May 2019.
Once the deadline has passed, we will spend time comprehensively assessing the planning merits of the submitted sites. In due course the outcomes of the assessment will be compiled into a single report called a Strategic Land Availability Assessment which will be one of the evidence documents underpinning the Local Plan Review.
The current timetable sees the first public consultation on the evolving Local Plan Review document taking places in July-August 2019 with further consultations following in 2020 before the Local Plan Review is submitted for Examination in 2021.
If you do not wish to receive Local Plan Review updates like this in the future, please contact the Strategic Planning team at and we will remove your details from our contacts database. 

Hollingbourne’s Borough Councillor is Patrik Garten (pictured below) who may be able to provide more information. His e-mail address is

Councillor Patrik Garten in March 2018.