March 2011 Minutes.

Minutes of the meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council

held on 14th March 2011 in the Cardwell Pavilion at 7.30pm


Present:   Dr S Bauer, Mr G Bryan,  Mr J Cobbett, Mrs. S O’Connell,

     Mr F Stephenson, Mr A Williams.

Mr A Ward (Vice-Chairman) joined the meeting at 7.35pm


Also in attendance: Ms E Lawrence (Clerk) PCSO Woods, and 1 member of the public.


Mr Cobbett opened the meeting in the absence of Messrs Bedwell and Ward.


1.                  Apologies for absence    Mr M Bedwell (Chairman) (family commitments), County Councillor Mrs J Whittle, (clash of meetings)


2.                                          Declaration of Interests and amendments to Register of Interests

There were no declarations of interest.

There were no amendments to the Register of Interests.


3.          Approval of minutes of last meeting

It was resolved that the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting and that they should be accepted and were signed by the acting Chairman Mr Cobbett.


Mr Ward joined the meeting and took the Chair.


Matters Arising


            It was noted that patching work had started in Greenway Court Road; the surface of the road remains poor.


5.         Chairman’s Report


Mr Bedwell had asked the Clerk to report on his behalf.  He had received several complaints about the biking event recently held, with the noise levels causing a disturbance and the road left with an excessive amount of mud.  A query had arisen whether or not an application had to be made for the biking events.  There is no need to apply, because the road is not formally closed. Again it was reiterated that the organisers of these events can hold 14 such events per year.

A paragraph to be submitted for publication in the Parish Magazine asking for volunteers to help with checking gazebos on the Friday afternoon before the Fete.

The chairman had been made aware of a camp being set up in the wooded area alongside Hospital Road – PCSO to investigate.

A lorry has reportedly brought down telephone wires along Hospital Road, and the chairman wished it noted that there is grave concern regarding the use of minor roads during the road closure for the laying of the gas mains.

A date of 29th April was suggested for a fundraising event on behalf of the Hollingbourne Meadows Trust, at the Ramada Hotel.  This was not supported, as there was insufficient time and many people were thought to be away on that weekend.  To be discussed at next meeting.




6.         Crime Report


There were four reported crimes, two being thefts from  vehicles parked at the Ramada Hotel,  a burglary in Firs Lane and the attempted theft of a catalytic converter from a vehicle parked by Bourneside Terrace.

Lindsay Woods informed the meeting that new powers will be given to PCSOs in the future, details of which are still being formalised.  PCSO Dave Rowley who covers Harrietsham and Leeds will be assisting Lindsay in providing cover for Hollingbourne for the time being.


7.         Clerks report             


The Clerk informed the Council of Fields in Trust, set up to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee, which ultimately leads to funding opportunities.

The councillors were made aware of a census handbook, should they require one.

The Clerk reported that members of the public had commented that details of the open meeting regarding the imminent road closure were published in the Parish Magazine, which was delivered after the meeting was held.  It was pointed out t on the day that the article was submitted the day after the meeting was arranged, that many notices were placed around the village, and that the meeting was included on the parish/village website.

The publication date, distribution and delivery of the Parish Magazine is not within the remit or control of the Parish Council.


8.         County Councillors Report   


The Clerk read a report received from Mrs Whittle:


         KCC had agreed a 10% savings (£95 million) from its budget

         Kent had received a damning report from Ofsted last year on safeguarding vulnerable children and the quality of services for ‘Looked after’ children.  For that reason, the budget has been protected from cuts in this area.

         Throughout Kent 83% of children had been allocated their first choice of secondary school, and 97% had been allocated a school from their four preferences.  Mrs Whittle urged any concerned parent to contact her if necessary.



9.         Borough Councillor Report   


None received


10.         Finance Report


It was resolved to approve the expenditure (previously circulated) and the cheques were duly signed.    Concurrent Functions were briefly discussed – to be discussed more fully at the next meeting.  The Clerk had been asked to provide extensive detail about the Concurrent Function grant.  It was noted that one local parish council had declined to do so and members agreed that all the necessary detail is available through scrutiny of the audited accounts and that these should be offered to MBC with a response that there is insufficient time to undertake such an onerous yet vague task.       



11.              Parks Report


The Clerk submitted a quote for electrical works to the Cardwell Pavilion.  Mr Ward to consider, and if recommended to approve, the Clerk to arrange for the work to go ahead.

Mr Ward reported that seeding of the Millennium Green is outstanding, due to the inclement weather.


12.        Planning Report





Erection of single storey rear extension


 ME17 1UE

Do not wish to object


Erection of a single storey side extension.



 ME17 1UU

Do not wish to object



13.                    Environment report         


Nothing to report from Dr Bauer.  Mr Williams stated that the ‘spoil’ had finally been collected from the verge by Hollingbourne Manor, although some damage had been caused to the wall in the process. He asked that the Clerk obtain an accountability structure from Kent Highways and that there be a supervisory person to monitor the gas mains work to hold the relevant companies accountable for meeting starting and target dates and ensuring the road is left in an acceptable condition etc.


14.             Items for information


The Council wished to thank and congratulate the W.I. on their successful Pancake Race event.


Date of next meeting
Monday 11th April 2011 at 7.30pm in the Cardwell Pavilion.



Signed as a true record: