March 2018 Report from the Kent Police Rural Liaison Team.

Hollingbourne Parish Council has received a report from the Kent Police Rural Liaison Team which covers Hollingbourne and much of the North Downs. At a meeting on 8th March with the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner organised by local MBC Councillor Patrik Garten with representatives of local Parish Councils, including Hollingbourne, concern was expressed about the level of crime on the North Downs and the level of police response.

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Here is a snapshot of the work undertaken by the team since the last report.

Rural Liaison Team (RLT) officers met with other units to actively target our patrolling around the borders of all three divisions on the A20, Charing, Ashford border. Whilst on patrol a vehicle was the subject of a stop check at storage container yard located on Chillmington Green. When approaching, officers could smell cannabis coming from this vehicle. The driver admitted to a personal amount of possession. A second vehicle was then located within the yard and again smelt of cannabis. This driver also admitted to drugs possession. The males, their vehicles and the respective storage units were searched and located inside both vehicles was herbal cannabis of a personal amount. Both males were interviewed at the roadside and were reported for the offences.
PC’s Pennicott and Lingham provided assistance to the police dog unit in Dartford with a vehicle which had failed to stop and the driver and passenger had decamped from. The dog unit located the believed driver who was arrested for Taking a Vehicle Without Consent.
Officers pursued a vehicle in the Woodchurch area that was directly linked to rural crime. The vehicle failed to stop for the Gypsy Liaison Team (GLT). After exiting his vehicle the male was swiftly detained with assistance from RLT Officers and taken into custody.


The full report can be downloaded at  crag-report-14-Mar.pdf (132 downloads)

Pictured below are representative from North Downs Parish Councils with the Police and Crime Commissioner (extreme right) on 8th March when rural crime issues were discussed.