May 2010 Minutes.

Hollingbourne Parish Council Meeting

10th May 2010 at 7.30pm in the Cardwell Pavilion



  1. Apologies; Elaine Lawrence, John Cobbett and P.C. Lee Tallon.
  2. None
  3. Approval of minutes
  4. Matters arising not covered elsewhere;

      Adam Ward asked about Parish Council vacancy. Chairman replied he has

      been approached by a few people enquiring about the vacancy.

  1. Chairman’s Report;

Interest from a few people in the Parish Councillor vacancy, Elaine Lawrence to

provide details of the vacancy to the interested parties.

      Grass cutting for the Fete in hand and to be done before the Fete.

      Real Madras v Hollingbourne FC; 4 teams playing over the weekend 11/12th

      June 2010. Hollingbourne FC putting a sum of money behind the bar at the

      Sugar Loaves for refreshments and prize giving on the 12th June.

  1. Crime Report;

Theft of motor vehicle from Greenway Court Road

      Theft of motor vehicle from the train station

      Rogue trader in area offering building services, resident of the village has    already lost about £2,000.

      Rogue traders, calling themselves Southern Power to gain access to properties to check electricity supply.

      PSCO will issue 5 point guidance on rogue traders.

      Every ward must have ‘patch priority’ crime figures and priority has been

      Established as speeding, speed checks to be conducted

      4th May 2010 speed check undertaken outside school, 83 vehicles checked            some speeding but no tickets issued.

      Community events in May/June will be at the Fete with a mobile unit.

      Mobile unit will be at the North Downs Charity Walk on the 20th June 2010.

  1. County Councillor’s report, no report
  2. Borough Councillor’s report, no report
  3. Finance report, John Cobbett – arrival delayed until after early closure of meeting.
  4. Parks, nothing to report
  5. Planning; 77 Eyhorne Street MA/10/065, change of use of land, retrospective planning application for swimming pool/changing room no objections
  6. Environmental Report;

Susan Bauer working with Mr Peter Kirby on moths/butterflies (rare species) report in Parish Magazine to go onto the Parish website

      Bin by the Church has been run over by the Bus needs to be replaced – best          option to have a bin mounted on a pole.     

  1. Millennium Green Trust;

      Golding’s Housing refitted the sign.

      Sensory Gardens planting has been delayed, date for the final planting to

      be arranged

  1. Fete;

      Arrangements are progressing well; next meeting of the Fete Committee is Wednesday 12th May 2010.

      Difficulty in getting advertisers for the lucky programme

      Blues Brother Group wish to bring along guests to the evening, no objections

      Group meeting on Thursday 3rd June at 7.00pm to sort out gazebos from the

      Cardwell Pavilion, will leave them in the Cardwell on Friday as easy access to get them on Saturday morning

      Applause, will perform ¾ hour show 2 or 3 times during the Fete

  1. Frank Stephenson and Elaine Lawrence looking at changing electricity supply to NPower

     Susan Bauer to get flowers for Elaine (£30/35)



Next meeting 14th June 2010 at 7.30pm