May 2016 Minutes including the Annual General Meeting


Minutes of the meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council AGM and monthly meeting held on Monday 9th May 2016, in the Cardwell Pavilion, Hollingbourne, commencing at 7.30 pm.


Present:           Mr M Bedwell (Chairman), Mr A Ward, Mr J Cobbett, Dr S Bauer, Mr D Ardley, Mr A Bennett, Mrs A Bennett

In attendance:             Mr Patrik Garten, Borough Councillor, PCSO Ryan Waring, PCSO Dave Rowley, Mr Simon Hulme, Mr Derek Davison and Mrs V. Smith – Parish Clerk.




a.       Apologies for absence:  Mr M Gray (previous engagement)

b.      The Clerk announced that only six members of the previous Parish Council had filed nomination papers for the eight places on the Council for the period from 2016 to 2020. It was announced that Mr M. Bedwell, Mr S. Hulme, and Mr A Ward sought co-option as members of the new Council. Each of three candidates were invited to make a short presentation to the Council and after a secret ballot Mr Bedwell and Mr Ward were co-opted on to the Council.

c.       The election of Chairman:  The Clerk had not received any nominations.  Mr Bedwell offered to stand again as Chairman, and was duly elected by six Parish Councillors, with one member abstaining.

d.      The election of Vice Chairman:  Mr Ward was duly elected as Vice Chairman.

e.       Election of Committee Chairmen & Members:

The following Committee Chairs and members were agreed:

                                i.            Finance:  Chair – Mr J Cobbett, Members – Mr D Ardley and Mr A Ward

                              ii.            Planning:  Chair – Mr A Bennett, Member – Mr M Gray (elected in absentia)

                            iii.            Environment:  Chair – Dr S Bauer, Member – Mr A Ward

                            iv.            Parks:  Chair – Mr A Ward

                              v.            Public Relations & Liaison – Mrs A Bennett

f.       Any Other Urgent Items:  none to report.




1.  Apologies for absence:  Mr M Gray and Cllr Mrs J Whittle (previous engagements)


2.  Declarations and Requests

Declaration of Changes to the Register of Interests – none; Declaration of Interest in items on the Agenda – none; Requests for Dispensations – none


3.  Approval of minutes of last meeting (circulated prior to meeting)

It was resolved that the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting.


4.  Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)

a.    Cllr A Bennett received a very warm reception from the residents in Culpeper Close, who have erected a high fence around their property.  The family living at the property were not aware that the fence had upset their neighbours, and they had previously lived in an area where high fence was very necessary to protect themselves and their property.  It was found that the side fences to the property were acceptable but the front fence was too high.  The residents of the house are happy to seek planning permission for the fence and assured Cllr Bennett that they will do this as soon as possible.


5.  Chairman’s Report.

a.    Cllr M Bedwell thanked Cllrs Mr & Mrs Bennett for all of the work that they put into organising the Annual Parish Assembly.  Cllr Bedwell reported that he had received good  feedback and he felt that the format of the evening was a model for the future. Thanks were expressed to the WI and to the Clerk who helped set up and supplied delicious food for the buffet.

b.    Cllr P Garten was congratulated on his election as Borough Councillor.

c.    The Parish Council will not forget the issue of the potentially dangerous Ashford Road pedestrian crossing arrangements at Hollingbourne Corner.  The Clerk will ask Cllr Mrs J Whittle for an update on the situation.  Action:  The Clerk

d.    Concern was expressed at the fact that many drivers ignore the white lines at the Hollingbourne Corner roundabout. KCC Highways are to be asked for their comments.  Action:  The Clerk

e.    There had been a lorry fire underneath the bridge in the area where the lorry drivers tend to park up near the junction to the services.  The cones have been removed in this area and Cllr P Garten advised that metal barriers were going to be erected in their place.  The Parish Councillors’ questioned the wisdom in this action as it is a ‘hard shoulder’ and should be available for parking for a safety precaution.


6.  Crime Report –PCSO Ryan Waring / PCSO Dave Rowley

a.     The Hollingbourne crime figures 9th April – 6th May 2016.  One crime report was created this month being 5th April 2016 – criminal damage – Eyhorne Street, with no cases of anti-social behaviour reported.  Cllr Cobbett asked for an update on the crime which took place in his garden when a licensed and named I Pod with a name was left following criminal damage to the property. PCSO D Rowley reported that this case was still open.

b.    In comparison with last year, when there were two crime reports created – 12th April – criminal damage – Hollingbourne Hill and 24th April – criminal damage – The Pavings.  There were six cases of anti-social behaviour, all relating to nuisance vehicles, reported – 11th April – Ashford Road (2 cases), 12th April – Greenway Court Road, 19th April – Greenway Court Road (2 cases) and 4th May –Ashford Road.

c.     The PCSO’s have arranged a security event, looking at both home and equine security.  In attendance will be a local Police, Kent Horse Watch, Neighbourhood Watch and a local security company.  Details are as follows:  doors open – 7.30 pm, Tuesday, 14th June 2016.  Location:  Hollingbourne Village Hall (behind The Windmill PH, Eyhorne Street), and refreshments will be provided.

d.    The off-road bikes, with their club situated along Hospital Lane, have been disturbing local residents again.  Cllr A Bennett has left a telephone message with Alan Howell, Maidstone BC Enforcement Officer, and is waiting for a response.  The PCSO’s will contact Alan Howell as well.

e.     The PCSO’s highlighted the need for members of public to always contact ‘101’ at the time of a crime incident taking place, unless it is a dire emergency when ‘999’ would be appropriate.  It is more appropriate to contact 101 rather than the PCSO’s directly as they cannot provide crime report numbers or take forensic evidence, etc.


7.         Clerk’s Report  –

a.     The Queen’s 90th Birthday Beacon lighting celebration took place on the 21st April 2016, and it was a very enjoyable event.


8.         County Councillor’s Report – Cllr Mrs J Whittle – none to report.


9.         Borough Councillor’s Report – Cllr Patrik Garten

a.     Cllr P Garten is very happy to have become Borough Councillor for the North Downs Ward, and is at present becoming accustomed to his new role within the Maidstone BC.  The Parish Council look forward to working with him.

b.    Cllr P Garten is keeping an eye on issues such as street cleansing and the sewerage maintenance in the village, and is in liaison with Cllr Mrs J Whittle.

c.     The Parish Assembly was absolutely excellent, but perhaps next year it may need more advertising, for example flyers in all properties in the village.


10.       Planning Report – Cllr Mr A Bennett

a.    16/503647/FULL – Pyle Gate, Ashford Road, Hollingbourne

Proposal:  Two storey side extension, external alterations, replace single detached garage with shower room and studio over.  Decision:  Do not wish to object.

b.    16/508307/FULL – Eyhorne Green, Musket Lane, Hollingbourne

Appeal Lodged:  by Mr P J & J E Teague – erection of four dwellings and relocation of access to builder’s yard.  Decision:  The Parish Council up-hold its decision to object against this planning application as subject to the sewerage capacity inspection taking place within the village, we must refuse the erection of four dwellings at this time.  Also regarding concerns over the availability of parking space for the house owners.  Cllr A Bennett will provide the Clerk with a draft response to the Planning Inspectorate, which is necessary before the 24th May 2016.  Action:  Cllr A Bennett / The Clerk


11.      Possible Development between Godfrey House and Claygate

Fernham Homes is interested in building the ten possible dwellings between Godfrey House and Claygate wants to come and speak to the Parish Council.  The developer will be invited to our June Parish meeting.


12.       Maidstone BC Draft Local Plan – Cllr J Cobbett

a.  Cllr J Cobbett highlighted that there are four potential sites mentioned on the Maidstone BC Draft Local Plan within the Hollingbourne Parish.  These are the:

a.       Woodcut Farm Industrial Estate, Ashford Road

b.      Wealden Homes site being the fourteen houses being built adjacent to 103 Eyhorne Street

c.       Ten proposed houses to be built between Claygate and Godfrey House

d.      Housing to be built on the land behind The Windmill PH.

With regards to the proposed housing behind The Windmill PH, Cllr J Cobbett has advised Maidstone BC that the plans do not fit in with the requirements for width of access, as the proposed entrance would be between The Windmill PH and the neighbouring properties via a 3 metre wide footpath route which is has been described as being of “concern” by KCC Highways.

b.  So far, there have been 587 comments submitted to the Maidstone BC regarding the Draft Local Plan.

c.  Cllr A Bennett attended the Planning and Sustainability Committee meeting, which considered the Draft Local Plan on Monday, 18th April 2016, at the Town Hall, Maidstone.  Cllr Bennett reported that Cllr Mrs Paulina Stockell, Borough Councillor for the Sutton Valance and Langley Ward, voiced her concern over the threat of Junction 8 developments by saying “we need to make sure that we do not get hoodwinked”.  Hopefully our concerns are being taken seriously.



13.       Parish Assembly 2016 – Cllrs Mr & Mrs A Bennett

a.  Cllr Mrs A Bennett thanked those Councillors who helped out and liaised with the public at the event.  There are still teething problems – but on balance the Parish Assembly went very well.   Please see Chairman’s Report.


14.       Environmental Report – Cllr Dr S Bauer

a.    Cllr Dr S Bauer reported that there may be a very rare colony of bats in the local area near the entrance to the village.  On Sunday, the Bat Society installed special equipment which records the squeals of the bats and this can then identify which kind they are.  In addition, an acre of land has been set aside for the protection of habitat for butterflies and moths, and several rare species have been spotted.

b.    There is a build up of concentrated rubbish and mud from the road along the stretch of pavement outside of Tanyard House towards Christopher’s.  The area outside of the locked gates near to the Station Approach is also in a terrible state, and verges need a vigorous trim.  Cllr P Garten will find out how often the village has street-cleaning.  If we know when the operatives are going to come, we can ensure that cars are not parked in the way of the street-cleaner vehicle.  Action:  Cllr P Garten / The Clerk

c.     On behalf of an enquiry from a concerned villager, the Clerk will contact the Maidstone BC Enforcement department, to look into whether permission should have been sought before the removal of the hedge next to the Mill pond, near the Vicarage.  Action:  The Clerk

d.    A working party for the restoration of the War Memorial is to be formed by Mr Derek Davison, RBL, the WI and Cllrs Mr & Mrs Bennett.  Various sources of funding will be sort to carry out the works, and this will be discussed in the near future.


15.       Parks Report (Millennium Green) – Cllr A Ward

a.     The deeds paperwork has not yet been received from Kate in the Maidstone BC Legal Department.  Mr A Ward will copy Cllr P Garten into the correspondence that he has, so that he can also pursue the matter.

b.    Mr A Ward has spoken to Mr S Cardwell of the Meadows Trust, and they will meet to see how the Parish Council and the Meadows Trust can work together.


16.       Station Approach Recycling Area –

a.     Cllr J Cobbett met with the Maidstone BC in 2013 where it was agreed that the Borough Council would continue to maintain the site, as the Parish Council does not have the finances to maintain it themselves.  The land actually belongs to the Network Rail.  Cllr Dr S Bauer volunteered to report fly-tipping to the Maidstone BC.  Cllr P Garten mentioned that the Stockbury PC have advised Maidstone BC that they would like to take over their street cleaning, but they are still waiting for a price for how much this would cost.  Cllr J Cobbett stated that he does not feel that the Hollingbourne Parish Council has the infrastructure or finances to take on a similar commitment as it is the responsibility of Maidstone BC.

b.    The Clerk has written to the Maidstone BC, enclosing a copy of their previous letter to the Parish Council, regarding maintenance of the area, and a response will be chased.  Action:  The Clerk



17.       Sewerage Inspection Report for the village update – Cllr J Cobbett

Southern Water are going to install a new polypropylene pipe from Hasteds to the River valley.  Sarah Feasey, Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Southern Water, wishes to attend the next Parish Meeting to discuss this matter.  It was noted that surface water issues, for instance the water which was running on the pavement outside of the school or around Tanyard Green, are unrelated to the ongoing sewerage problems in the village.  Cllr D Ardley advised that surface water should go through attenuation tanks first, before it is dispersed in a more controlled manner.


18.       Fête Report – Cllr D Ardley

a.  The next meeting for the Fete will be on the Monday 16th May 2016 at 8pm in the Dirty Habit.

b.  There is are two gaps in the fete program at the moment, as the pre-school fancy dress and the Zumba dance troop are unable to attend.  Any organisations who would like to perform at the fete should contact The Clerk on 01622 880526, or via for further details.

c.  Cllr Dr S Bauer advised that in memory of the late Sid Jenkins, his grandson will run the coconut stall at the fete.  Cllr Dr S Bauer will as in previous years, supply the coconuts.

d.  It was advised that a Food Hygiene Certificate qualification would need to be held by the villagers organising the fete barbecue which is the principal money earner for the Fete Committee..


19.      Off-Road Motorcyclists and Quad Bikes – Please see Crime Report, 6.d.


20.      Twinning with Templeuve-en-Pévèle – Cllr J Cobbett

a.  On the day of the village fete, it is predicted that the visitors from Templeuve-en-Pévèle will arrive at the church for coffee at 11.45 am.

b.  The ‘Hollingbourne Hackers’ versus Templeuve-en-Pévèle Golf Tournament will take place on the 13th June at the Leeds Castle, followed by a meal.  For further details please telephone Glenn Bryan on 01622 880200.  The Clerk will approach the Leeds Castle to see if discount ‘one day only’ tickets can be obtained for the partners of the golfers.  Action:  The Clerk

c.  On the 24th June there is a Music Festival and on the 13th July Bastille Day Celebrations in Templeuve.

d.  To mark Remembrance Day, on the 11th November there will be an Armistice Day Ceremony in Templeuve, and then following on the 12th and 13th November Templeuve War Veterans and others will visit Leeds Castle and Canterbury as well as attend the Hollingbourne Remembrance Day service followed by lunch in the village hall.  Please contact Cllr J Cobbett on 01622 880543 if you would like to be involved in these events.

e.  On the 26th and 27th November there will be the White Dragon Challenge, which is the sixth annual festival of martial arts including karate, kung fu and boxing in Templeuve.  If your organisation would like to take part please contact Cllr Cobbett, telephone number previously mentioned, for further details.

f.   Our local Rotary Club have been in liaison regarding their involvement and events.  Last month there was the Paris Roubaix Cycle Race and on the 7th May 2016 a Veterans’ Football Tournament in Templeuve.


21.                  Financial Report  –

a.  The cheques at the meeting were authorised, and there is £52,283.74 in the bank, following the payment of the Maidstone BC precept to the Parish Council.

b.  The 2015/16 Parish Council Year End Accounts will be discussed at the Finance Meeting to be held on the 17th May 2016, 7.00 pm, at the Cardwell Pavilion.


22.      Street Lighting

a.  Cllr J Cobbett is seeking quotations from suppliers for the upgrade to the village lamp posts and lanterns.



Date of next meeting: Monday 13th June 2016, 7.30 pm, Cardwell Pavilion, Hollingbourne