MBC Call for Development Sites identifies 10 possible locations in Hollingbourne including Junction 8.

Earlier this year Maidstone Borough Council asked for proposals for development sites in the Borough and have released the list for Hollingbourne today. There are 10 sites which are proposed for development and the matter will be considered at the November Hollingbourne Parish Council Meeting on Monday 11th November at 7.30pm in the Cardwell Pavilion.

These possible sites are in addition to existing sites for which planning permission has been granted including those where building work is also underway such as Brickfields Close, and Musket Lane. The Ellesmere development in Brickfields Close and the completed Godfrey Meadow development came from the previous Call For Sites Appeal in 2014. At that time the Parish Council’s concerns about infrastructure and traffic were ignored by Maidstone Borough Council. An additional 2014 site in Windmill Lane for which planning permission has been granted, is yet to be developed. It can only be accessed by a Public Footpath.

A summary of the possible sites which have not been agreed as yet are as follows:

004 Manor Lane next to Penn Court 3 acres for housing.

086 Elsfield Cottage on the Ashford Road .1 hectare.

139 Greenway Forstal 1 hectare for 16 houses.

176 North and South of the Ashford Road at Junction 8 24 hectares for any development.

195 Waterside Park at Junction 8 17 hectares for any development.

204 East of Eyhorne Street next to the Fernham Homes development .6 hectares for housing.

205 Greenway Court Road – next to the Lance Memorial Playing Field 2 hectares for housing.

223 South of the Ashford Road 3 hectares for housing.

232 Firs Lane 2 hectares for housing.

254 Rear of Cotuams Hall in Eyhorne Street – 12-15 retirement homes.

More details for Hollingbourne are here.

Details for all of Maidstone are here.

It is expected that our local MBC Borough Councillor Patrik Garten will be at the November Parish Council Meeting. He can be contacted at PatrikGarten@Maidstone.gov.uk

Pictured below is the possible site in Manor Lane.

A possible new housing site in Hollingbourne.