Missing Bin Collections.

Hollingbourne Parish Council has received the following message from local Borough Councillor Patrik Garten about current problems with Maidstone Borough Council bin collections. Please Rad More for further information.

Dear Parish Councillors,

Could you please make residents aware of the current problems ?

Our contractor is experiencing significant breakdowns this week and a high number of bin collections are running a day late, including my own and the head of department’s as well.

These are some extraordinary circumstances: Borough wide and advertised as a priority notice / special pop-up on the council website

Please accept my apologies and the head of department assured me that she will get to your bin as soon as possible. Unfortunately she cannot get your bin emptied as a priority as we have a large number of residents affected the same way. MBC are working with Biffa to recover the situation as soon as possible.

Kind regards

Patrik Garten
MBC Cllr for North Downs Ward (Cons.)


Pictured below is Councillor Garten.

MBC Councillor Patrik Garten for North Downs Ward including Hollingbourne.