Morning traffic now means that it takes 20-30 minutes to drive through Hollingbourne.

Local residents in the Eyhorne Street Conservation Area have noticed that the level of weekday morning rush hour traffic coming along the B2163/C603 seems to have increased and that it can take 20-30 minutes to drive the 0.7 miles from Tilefields to the Great Danes Hotel. There are local concerns that the traffic will become worse with a planned development of new houses next to Godfrey House, major proposed developments on the North Downs at Bicknor and around Sittingbourne at Bredgar, and a proposed development for 10 houses alongside the Windmill Lane Public Footpath which meets Eyhorne Street at a point which is narrow and is effectively single track when cars are parked on the other side of the street.

There are also evening traffic jams and daytime ones as well particularly when HGV’s drive through the village despite “no HGV signs” at the entrances to the village. A recent request from Hollingbourne Parish Council to a Kent County Council Highways for a traffic management scheme at the Great Danes roundabout on the A20, possibly involving part time traffic lights, found no support. 

Pedestrians also find crossing the road difficult in the morning because the sun shines directly along the Street and can dazzle drivers and pedestrians. There is also concern about exhaust fumes from stationary vehicles and the noise from cars with over loud sound systems.

Pictured below is today’s morning traffic at the end of Windmill Lane and a view from Windmill Lane from where morning access times on to Eyhorne Street can be around 10 minutes. The congestion may become worse if Maidstone Borough Council grant permission for the new c£1 million houses alongside the privately owned and maintained Lane.

Morning traffic stuck in both directions in Eyhorne Street at the end of the Windmill Lane Public Footpath in April 2018.
The view down the Windmill Lane Public Footpath to the point where it joins Eyhorne Street where it can take up to 10 minutes to join the traffic. The Lane is only 3 metres wide in places and has little space for pedestrians at the same time as cars.