Mystery of locked Station Footpath.

Earlier this year South-Eastern trains constructed a new footpath from the down platform into the field next to the old track crossing which last year they planned to shut on safety grounds. The intention was that with the old crossing shut pedestrians would cross the line via the station footbridge and rejoin the footpath which leads across the fields up to the Pilgrim’s Way. In the event the old crossing has remained open and the new one has been locked up.

In order to divert the public footpath over the line permission had to be obtained from Kent County Council and there was a public consultation on the matter in the Village Hall in January of this year. Hollingbourne Parish Council has raised the question of the locked footpath with South Easter Trains but has not received a reply.

Pictured below are the new and old crossings at Hollingbourne Station.

The locked footpath gate on the down platform at Hollingbourne Station.
The new footpath with railings leading from the station to the old public footpath.
The view towards London with the old footpath still open across the electrified lines.