Mystery of route of Windmill Lane Public Footpath – PROW KH199.

Hollingbourne Parish Council has received a number of complaints about the flooding of the Windmill Lane public footpath (PROW KH199) where it crosses the bourne at the rear of the Village Hall. The footpath runs from the back of the Hall down to Grove Mill Farm where it swings to the left before crossing the bourne between the Grove Mill Cottage pond and land which appears to be divided up between a number of owners. PROW is short for “Public Right of Way” and “KH199” is the KCC reference number for the footpath.

Enquiries to KCC Footpaths indicate that the public footpath does not swing to the left but carries straight on before crossing the bourne on a footbridge which is no longer there. Plans seen by the Parish Council appear to confirm this and the position of the footpath is shown on the Ordnance Survey map which is reproduced below.

At the Hollingbourne Parish Council meeting on 11th March it was resolved to ask the relevant landowner to clear the blockage in the drain between the pond and the bourne so that the present footpath is not flooded.

Pictured below (top) is Ben Williams of the Hollingbourne Meadows Trust clearing some of the water, (middle) is the bourne where it comes through the drain, and (bottom) is the OS map showing the route of the Footpath. 

Ben Williams clearing some of the water. The Footpath leads on to Hollingbourne Meadows Trust land.
Water pouring through the drain under the footpath. The former footbridge was situated to the left of the picture.
The Windmill Lane (PROW KH199) marked with a green dotted line. The present Footpath is to the right of the position shown on the map.